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Ric Flair Claims He Had Sex with Halle Berry, Berry’s Representatives Respond

  • D2K

    I think he probably knock her down, but it is ungentle-man like and shameful to put people’s personal business out there.

  • Omar

    Not only do I not believe Ric Flair but I also think that it is an extremely unclassy to state this on radio/podcast even if it were true.

    What these people wont say to stay in the limelight. Truly disgraceful for a person of this stature and age.

  • Darryll Morris

    You are correct sir. That dude is so nasty, too. I still don’t believe she went through with that scene. Total turn off, brotha. 😛

  • D2K

    Yeah. He got to raw dawg her on the silver screen. She got an Oscar because of it…….


  • JC Bolden

    I don’t know but I mean in the 80’s early 90’s flair was running the south. I’m sure he has had a few celebs on space mountain. Why would she admit it tho?

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    For not having met, the picture for the article is a nice photoshop of the two.

  • CC

    to be honest, here in the UK pretty much everyone above a certain age knows Hogan, even if they have never watched wrestling. Only wrestling fans know who Flair is.
    Its kinda like The Rock and Austin. As popular as Austin is in the wrestling world, to the general public his fame is hit or miss compared to The Rock.

  • Darryll Morris

    One would imagine so, right? There is no telling. Well I guess if Halle Berry would let Billy Bob Thornton hit it, why not the Nature Boy? Lmao, sorry. Bad joke.

  • D2K

    Some of these Hollywood stars…..well most of these Hollywood stars are pretty dense and live in their own world. Totally believable that she never hear of Ric Flair. HOWEVER, being in Atlanta while married to David Justice it would seem like she might of at least heard of his name in passing somewhere.

  • jack

    why would she admit it?

  • Darryll Morris

    Well, true. Maybe you’re right. I have just been a wrestling fan my whole life so the thought of someone having no knowledge whatsoever of Ric Flair seems amazing to me, lol. But yeah, he hasn’t been in movies and shows and stuff like Hogan has. So I guess it would be possible if someone just never paid any mind to wrestling.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I don’t know if I can agree with that though. Hulk Hogan has done films and TV shows. Flair is pretty much, only a wrestling personality. I could, totally be possible that she’s never heard of him IMO.

  • Darryll Morris

    While I highly doubt Flair actually played hide the sausage with Halle Berry. Her claiming she’s never even “heard” of Ric Flair sounds pretty suspect. Flair is kind of like Hulk Hogan. The vast majority of people at least know OF him.

  • CC

    To be the X Man, you have to bed the X Man.

  • wwemrpeeps85