Ric Flair ‘Confronted’ Homosexual WWE Star

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has been heavily criticized after Dark Side of the Ring aired this week. He remained silent on Twitter about it, but enough happened that he knows something bad was said on that episode about the infamous chapter in WWE which was ‘Plane Ride From Hell’.



Ric Flair could be in more trouble

Kanyon is the focus of next week’s episode and there is a lot of story to tell about Flair. He believes that WWE released him because he came out as gay, although Kanyon readily admitted on Howard Stern that it was a known secret within the pro wrestling world.

He said a lot on that interview with Howard Stern, and Flair was listening. He called in and spoke to Chris Kanyon live on-air while he was surprised with The Nature Boy’s call-in. Paige Stunned By Boyfriend Dating WWE Star Rumor

It was noted that Flair took WWE’s side on the entire situation and said that Kanyon didn’t make it because he wasn’t a good character. Kanyon disproved Flair and said that he was only as good as he was booked. This was a great interview with Stern and Flair also called being gay a “choice.”

Kanyon later admitted that he thought about killing himself after appearing on Stern. Flair calling in really did a number on him, because it was a real shot coming from someone that he looked up to.

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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