Ric Flair Drops John Cena & Charlotte Bombshell

Taking a look at the legacy of the Flair bloodline, it’s full of championships. Even David Flair had a run with the title. WWE fans have a lot to say, however, about Charlotte Flair’s booking in WWE as she always seems to be handed titles one after the next without having to do much at all. Ric Flair also made a very interesting claim about her surpassing his World Title reigns as well.



As reported by Ringside News – Charlotte Flair recently became a 14-time Women’s Champion. Ric Flair and John Cena currently hold the record for most world title reigns in WWE history with 16. Charlotte Flair even recently stated that she wants to break her dad’s record, which she is very well on track to do.

What seems to get most fans about Charlotte’s reign is that most of the title reigns lasted such a short time. So, by design, she was able to drop the belt and then get it again in a very short amount of time. She could drop it one week, get it again three days later, drop it the week after, and then pick it up the day after and you already have multiple title runs in less than a month.

Is this fair? Well, it is, but it’s just not good booking and hopefully, this is something that gets fixed in the long run as there are always people who want to help make WWE a better product and make the women’s division even more of a well respected place to be.

Ric said on his podcast, “If they ever want to get a 2.3 again, which they will, but I can guarantee you a 2.3, I could almost guarantee you a 3 if it was advertised if John Cena and I were gonna meet [Charlotte] in the ring to congratulate her on breaking our record.”

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