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Ric Flair issues update on his hospitalized fiancee

As we previously reported, Ric Flair noted on social media yesterday that his fiancee, Wendy Barlow, was hospitalized after being involved in a serious car wreck. Flair took to Instagram to update fans on her status, saying that Barlow is going to be ‘ok’:

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  • Buzzkiller73

    That wouldn’t be anything new though would it??
    The GOAT is known for his affinity for the ladies and we all know about SPACEMOUNTAIN!!

  • Omar

    Oh, okay, that makes sense. I thought Old Man Flair had gotten full throttle sexist there.

  • what?

    She was fifi a French maid in WCW that was flair valet

  • Omar

    “French maid will be back soon”??!! WTF?!!!!