Ric Flair Talks About Returning to WWE, the Internet & Wrestling, Fans and More

Show: The Pain Clinic
Air Date: 07/25/2009
Hosts: Rich “Cashman” Jones
Jeff “Murph” Murphy
Sean “Dangerboy” Kremer
Rob “The Artiste” Sanderson



Ric Flair joins the show and is appearing at Ring Of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor VII tonight and we immediately talk about the NWA and WCW infiltration into the Northeast in the 80’s.

Ric talks about how he got involved with Ring Of Honor. He explains how he has many endorsement opportunities since leaving WWE fulltime. He explains why Ring Of Honor is a company he think has much potential with HDNET and great talent.

Ric talks about meeting the fans and how much fun it is. He talks about the Toronto wrestling market and the great fans.

Ric talks about a second potential autobiography and he has a good laugh. He talks about WCW and he did acknowledge that there were some good times there too. He talks about how it really got bad with success. Ric talks about his and “the” last match on WCW Nitro with Sting.

Ric talks about the possibility of coming back to the WWE fulltime. He talks about his street fight with Orton a month ago. He talks about expanding his ‘brand’. His retirement gave him so much notoriety.

We talked about the Ultimate Ric Flair DVD collection and Ric talks about all the footage they have. Ric comments on the Horsemen DVD too.

Ric is asked about what young guys he thinks have a quality for longevity like the “Nature Boy”. Ric mentions a few names but he said ask him again in 10 years. Very good in-depth thoughts on earning respect in the business.

Ric gives his 2 cents on the internet’s effect on the business. He thinks it’s overrated. He said the wrestlers need to understand who they need to impress. He also said if anyone asks his advice “they better not ask anyone else”. He talks about his sons training.

Ric talks about his Hall-of-Fame Induction and the entire weekend. He talked about the great city of Charlotte NC.

You can check it out at www.feelthepain.net.

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