Ric Flair talks about fans going to events after terrorist attack

Ric Flair gave his take on fans attending live events after the recent terror attacks in Manchester.



Flair spoke to an entertainment outlet regarding the same, stating that if people are enthusiastic about the events, they mustn’t be intimidated.

The unfortunate incident transpired this past May 22nd at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, killing 23 and injuring more than 100.

The wrestling community reacted to the cowardly act carried out by a suicide bomber, with top promotions like the WWE and Impact Wrestling cancelling a few scheduled events in the area in respect of the incident, and in view of the safety of everyone involved.

Nevertheless, fans of sports and entertainment still continue to frequent several such live events around the world, and Flair was asked for his take on the fans attending such events regardless of the danger and potential threat of terrorist attacks that are more often than not carried out at crowded places.

Always one to voice his opinion, Ric Flair responded-

”I think if people are so enthusiastic, love sports – and those kind of events – and concerts, I don’t think they should be intimidated. We just can’t be intimated, you can’t live your life like that.”

On the same note, it’s interesting to note that WWE had an NXT event set to go down at the Manchester Arena, as did Impact Wrestling- with both events now cancelled.

The Manchester bombings were a cowardly act carried out by a despicable human being, whom we choose not to name, so as to not afford him the recognition that such terrorists crave.

The Wrestling-Edge community sends our thoughts and prayers to all those who’ve been affected by this tragedy.

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