Ric Flair on Thinking Dixie Carter Leaked WWE Buying TNA Rumors, Hardys Returning to WWE

Two time WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair has released another episode of his podcast The Ric Flair Show. You can check out some highlights from the episode here:



On Dixie Carter:

“I think that that’s a rumor that Dixie Carter put out to try and raise the ante. Yep. I don’t see them doing that and I’m sure they’d like to have the library, but, I mean, there isn’t a lot to buy. And I’m not saying there’s not talent there. NXT, they’ve got a ton of kids in NXT right now that are all chomping at the bit to come up, so anybody that they acquire from TNA would probably just go over to NXT for a while and it’s just a lot of people. If anything, they probably need more trainers down in Orlando [Florida] with NXT because the school is growing and more people are trying to get into this company. I mean, athletes from other countries are coming over, so I’m sure they’re looking all the time for someone to help work in those schools.”

On The Hardys possible returning to WWE:

“Well, I keep hearing the rumor they’re going back [to WWE]. I was just with Jeff and Matt all weekend and I didn’t ask them to put them on the spot, but, I mean, they look great. I mean, I have never seen either one of them look any better and they’re a great talent and they both, I mean, especially Jeff, has a great rapport with the public. They love him. I think when Jeff was with the company, he was number two in marketing, which is huge. Do you know what I mean? Because the kids loved him. Matt’s doing great. They look like a million bucks. They would bring a lot to the show.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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