Ric Flair Video About Alleged Train Affair Revealed

A photo went viral recently showing what everyone thought was Ric Flair giving out an ‘Oral Session’ of his own on a train to a woman that was all aboard space mountain. The photo proved to be false, but Renee Paquette needed to get Ric Flair on the show to clarify all of this so we could put it to bed once and for all. Drew McIntyre ‘Permanently Injured’ Fired WWE Star.



The caption that Renee had on her Instagram post that featured her interview with Ric Flair stated: “There was NO ROLEX and NO ROBE!! But, hey can’t blame the internet for jumping to conclusions. That’s what the internet does best!! Check out my interview with @ricflairnatureboy anywhere you listen to podcasts! 😜😎#wooooooo @thevolumesports”

Renee started off this clip by saying: “Obviously, you saw that you were trending on Twitter last week.” Ric Flair laughed and quipped: “Oh, yeah, I did – so did the world. Not me.” Renee said back: “I knew it wasn’t you because first of all there’s no Rolex.” Flair laughs while swinging his head back and stated: “Exactly! God….”

Renee then told Rich that even though it wasn’t him in the photo, she feels it could have been him if he wanted it to be. Flair said there’s a lot of things he doesn’t do anymore and that’s “riding trains and taking pictures.”

With the silliness out of the way, Ric Flair then went on to explain how he isn’t that fond of WWE creative as burying Bianca Belair to get over Becky Lynch was a horrible move and to do so in such a quick and hasty way as well when Bianca is such an incredible real-life athlete.

Flair stated: “I didn’t like it. Sometimes I don’t understand what they do with anybody, Ashley (Charlotte) included. But I didn’t like it at all. I thought Bianca had worked so hard. She’s really a nice person, I like her husband, they seem very close. There’s a lot of things that make her pretty unique. I actually was hoping that someday, and I thought it could be Bianca and Charlotte, they could really be huge. Obviously the two best athletes in the women’s division. I mean, both Division One athletes legitimately. And that’s a whole different way of telling a story leading up to an event. Plus the fact that they can do stuff that nobody else can.”

Special thanks to Ringside News.

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