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Rich Swann suspended by WWE following arrest

Rich Swann

Yesterday morning the reports of former Cruiserweight Champion and current 205 Live Star Rich Swann being arrested by Gainesville Police made headlines.

After this WWE made the following tweet, revealing that they are suspending the wrestling star for an indefinite amount of time due to their zero-tolerance policy against domestic violence:

For those who don’t know, Swann was arrested early morning on December 10th over the charges of Kidnapping and False Imprisonment as well as Battery (touching or strike).

According to the report released by Gainesville Police, Swann got into an argument with his wife and professional wrestler Su Yung while traveling home from an indie wrestling show.

The argument got heated and Yung tried to get away from the car they were traveling in, but according to the report, Swann put her ‘into a headlock’ and pushed her back into the vehicle.

Per a witness, the indie wrestling star was scared the whole time and she yelled for help as they drove away. Although Swann has claimed that he didn’t physically touch her.

Prior to this incident, Rich Swann was scheduled to face Drew Gulak in a #1 contenders match for the Cruiserweight Championship at the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw.

However, this match is pretty much confirmed to be nixed as Swann is currently under arrest and is expected to appear in court at the same day and now there are questions about his future with the company.

  • CC

    glad its not just me that thought that.
    I can imagine Vince now. “Rich Swann has been suspended? Who are we gonna put in his place?”
    Kevin Dunne “how about Cedric Alexander?”
    Vince “Who?”
    Kevin: “You know. The other black guy on 205. This guy” (shows a picture of Cedric)
    Vince “I thought that was Swann”
    Kevin “No, that’s Cedric”
    Vince “Can we not just change his name and pretend he is Swann?”
    Kevin “But people will notice.”
    Vince “How?”
    Kevin “Because they don’t look alike”
    Vince “They do to me”
    Kevin “…”

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    They replaced him with another black guy, hoping nobody would notice…

  • unknown183

    Replace him with RVD or Bastian Booger 🙂

  • Buzzkiller73

    These are very serious charges. The WWE IS 100% in the right here. No room or toleration for this I assume he will be fired after hearing and guilty verdict or plea.

  • ROB-1.

    Good for the WWE.