Rick Steiner on His Brother Scott’s Issues with Hulk Hogan, Scott’s Past Comments Regarding TNA

Former WCW star Rick Steiner was recently interviewed by Hannibal TV. You can check out some highlights from their conversation here:



On Scott Steiner’s issues with Hulk Hogan:

“The thing got carried away on Twitter, and like I said my brother isn’t going to ever back down from anybody, he doesn’t like Hogan to begin with. He doesn’t like Flair — so if my brother likes you then you’re good, if he don’t like you then you don’t care you’ll just do whatever you can. My brother has been pretty successful with his money and everything so money is never an issue for him, so when Hogan made some comments and stuff about TNA and being down there and all that, my brother just let him have it. Then there were some things being said and my brother brought up some stuff that was pretty personal, that was true that they didn’t want to come out. I wasn’t there but they said he said something to Hogan’s new wife or new girlfriend or something, I wasn’t there I didn’t see any of it. I know the legality issues of it, there were a couple of lawyers hired, there was some stuff taken out, but my brother ain’t backing down from nobody.”

On Scott’s comments about TNA becoming true:

“That’s the funniest thing, my brother, he says it and it is kind of raw and off — whatever it is, but it’s always true and it always comes true. It’s not this fictitious stuff that he makes — everything that validates or says comes true or is true and sometimes people just don’t like hearing it. He’s the only one that’ll say something, everybody is worried about ‘Oh, don’t do that you’ll use this, you won’t be in the Hall Of Fame.’ My brother don’t care. He’ll say what he wants to say.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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