Rick Steiner Tells Story of Epic Bar Fight with Himself, Haku, Curt Henning, and Rick Rude

As we previously noted, former WCW Superstar Rick Steiner was recently interviewed by Hannibal TV, in which he detailed a tale of an epic bar fight involving himself, Haki, Curt Henning, and Rick Rude against a couple of Marines. Check out what he had to say here:



“Back in the day I could give you a handful. You got Haku — I’ve been in LA and some of those cities, I’ve been in St. Louis, and that thing he does it really works,” Steiner said. “We were sitting in a bar, me and Curt Hennig, St. Louis and these marines come in and they were drinking and by the end of the night one of them comes over and says ‘What are you guys hanging out with –‘ [Haku]. He thought he was black. I said ‘He ain’t black and if I was you I wouldn’t.’ He said ‘Well we’re marines and we’ll do whatever the hell we want.’ And I said ‘Not tonight, it’s gonna be a bad night if you guys do something to him.’

“It just kept going worst downhill, downhill, and finally a couple went over and started messing with Haku and it was freaking kick, kick, and up in the throat. Then four or five of them were laying and the rest of them were looking, it was me, Curt, and Rude, and Rude took a couple guys out and it was over before it even got started.”

“I would say Haku, you got Hawk, Dr. Death, even Bart Gun,” Steiner said. “He was a lefty, heavy hand man, he knocked some guys out cold.”

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