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Ricochet becomes the new North American Champion at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV


The One and Only has dethroned the leader of the Undisputed Era at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV. Yes, Ricochet is now the new NXT North American Champion. The One and Only hit a stunning top-rope manoeuvre on Cole for the three count and the title.

With this victory, Ricochet has become the second ever NXT North American Champion in history. This is also Ricochet’s first title win since arriving at NXT earlier this year. This loss for Cole could also mean that he might end up going to the main roster, but that is just a speculation right now.

  • BiggEZ

    Totally agree. Too many wrestlers (Yes, I said “wrestlers”) and not enough storylines.

  • Charlie Bronson

    There is a lot to be said for that point as well. I completely agree

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    If HHH was running the main roster they probably wouldn’t mind being call up to the main roster. HHH let the wrestler in NXT be themself something Vince doesn’t.

  • Mike the Ike

    If Cole gets called up without Undisputed Era, he’s Tyler Breeze. If he’s called up with Undisputed Era, he’s Eric Young. I would love to see Cole on the main roster, by him or with UE, but I see no place for him. This year they’ve called up Ember Moon, who has yet to have a storyline, Sanity, who they’ve treated as jobbers, AOP, who is trading wins with Titus Worldwide after not being seen on Raw for three months, and Hundred Souls, who’s on the SS kick off. On top of that, the Bar, who were tag champs six months ago, have been on SD like three times since WrestleMania. Outside of the fact that you make more money on the main roster, how are ANY of those spots desirable? I know not everyone gets to main event, I know not everyone can be on the show every week, but the rosters are too bloated right now. They are heavily featured in NXT and aren’t on the road like the main roster. Leave them on NXT for a while yet. They have a good thing going in NXT and there are plenty of stories left to tell with these guys there.

  • Charlie Bronson

    To defend your point even further, who would want him called up if you were a real wrestling fan anyway? The matches on NXT are way better and given more time to be good than the main roster stuff. Enjoy those while you can before the main roster ruins them. Who with the exception of Elias and the guys who have been in RoH or TNA has really had a better match once they were called up to the main roster? Sasha and Bayley were never better than their last match together in NXT. Charlotte has yet to be better than her match to win her first title vs Nattie in NXT. Enjoy people being in NXT, it’s the show for hardcore wrestling fans. It’s great for what it is, I’m not in a hurry to see people leave that show.

  • Sparti Love

    To do what? They still haven’t figured out how to handle NXT callups

  • Soulshroude

    Adam Cole’s crew has already been called up, yeah. BC4LIFE!

  • Sparti Love

    Adam Cole isn’t being called up without his crew, and they retained their tag titles. He’s likely going to go for the NXT championship