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Ricochet wins United States Title at WWE Stomping Grounds

WWE Stomping Grounds featured seven title matches and during the kickoff show, a title had already changed hands. Another title would change hands as Samoa Joe was unable to defend his United States Title against Ricochet.

Joe was handed the WWE United States Title after Rey Mysterio had to relinquish the title owing to an injury. During Joe’s match against Ricochet, both competitors gave it their all in what was an intense match with a lot of back and forth. However, towards the end of the match, Ricochet hit Joe with the 630 and won the WWE United States Title.

This is the first title reign for Ricochet on the main roster. He previously held the NXT North American Champion during his time on NXT.

  • CC

    Well while the auto rematch clause does not supposedly exist anymore, I would love for this feud to continue. Even if it just a case of Ricochet having matches against other wrestlers (like Styles tonight) and Joe constantly interfering until it results in a rematch.
    A decent length feud between these two could do so much for that belt which has been underutilised for too long.

  • BB

    I feel like Samoa Joe should have at least won this match and then set them up for a rematch at Extreme Rules or something.