Rikishi Drops Bray Wyatt Bombshell

The former WWE star Bray Wyatt (now Windham Rotunda) was previously released by the company in July last year amid the budget cuts. His last in-ring appearance came at WrestleMania 37 when he lost to Randy Orton. He has been away from pro wrestling for quite some time. It was previously reported that he is working on a horror film project along with special effects artist Jason Baker. Wyatt has been labeled as one of the most creative minds in the industry and WWE Hall of Famer, Rikishi has lavished praise on him. The legend said that he wishes he could face ‘The Eater of Worlds.’



Rikishi names Bray Wyatt as his dream opponent

Rikishi would like to have faced Bray Wyatt in WWE if they worked as in-ring competitors at the same time. The 2015 Hall of Famer stopped performing full-time for WWE in 2004. It was five years later that Wyatt joined WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) developmental system and debuted on the company’s main roster in 2010.

Speaking to Dujuan Thomas, Rikishi immediately replied with Wyatt’s name when asked to discuss a dream match he never had:

“I would have loved to have a match with Bray Wyatt,” said Rikishi. “I think Bray Wyatt is a hell of an athlete. I love wrestlers that the characters are different from everybody. Nowadays, we see a lot are blessed to be a bodybuilder. Good… I was never that. I teach the kids in our academy at Knokx Pro to embrace your body in professional wrestling.”

Rikishi further spoke about Wyatt’s success in wrestling and he noted Wyatt’s flawless work on the mic. He highlighted how the two-time Universal Champion’s promo ability sets him apart from the rest:

“He’s not a bodybuilder but he can go with the best, and he knows when he does that character and he cuts that promo, you really, really… you’re sunk in to that,” Rikishi continued. “He hooks you, so big shout-out to him.”

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