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Rikishi says The Usos have nothing more to prove in WWE

The Usos are six-time WWE Tag Team champions and are the current Smackdown Tag Team Champions. They will walk into Wrestlemania as the champions if they successfully retain their titles against The Miz and Shane McMahon at Fastlane. According to their WWE Hall Of Famer father Rikishi, the two have nothing more to prove in WWE.

Rikishi spoke to TV Insider, where he openly talked about The Usos’ contract expiring in April and how they might become free agents soon. He spoke further about his sons, hinting at them parting ways with WWE. He also said how worried he is about all the damage they are doing to their bodies.

”Jonathan and Joshua Fatu, they are pretty much well secured there in WWE. I taught my kids everything they need to know in the industry, but I think they have nothing else to prove in WWE.

My thing is I’m always concerned about my kids and their bodies holding up in the industry. We don’t have time off. They run 365 days a year and gone all the time and performing every night. I’m kind of leaning for them to go to Hollywood. I kind of see a Samoan dynasty reality show for CBS, I think, somewhere down the line.”

WWE is also concerned about them leaving due to All Elite Wrestling, who is going hard for WWE wrestlers whose contracts will be expiring this year.

  • Griffin

    They still need singles runs…they still need to win singles titles…they still need to win the WWE Championship. So for Rikishi to say something like that when they’re relatively young, it doesn’t make sense.

  • Sparti Love

    Soo.. basically Rikishi needs money and wants them to quit to do a reality show. Go for it and take Tamina with you!!

    It can also follow Reigns’ recover. I bet episode 1 will guest star The Rock to bring viewers in

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    Vince: Dammit!! This is why we bury everyone!!!!

  • CC

    He is leaning for them to go to Hollywood? And thinks a reality show is down the line.
    Does he not realise how many wrestlers have tried to make a successful career in the entertainment industry outside wrestling and failed?

    There have been more failures than successes for sure, and just because The Rock is now one of the biggest stars in the world, does not mean anyone else will even make a dent in the industry.

    Look at John Cena. He has had a few bit parts here and there, and Bumblebee has been his biggest role so far, but he has still yet to become a name anyone outside wrestling really knows.