Rikishi Unhappy With Sons’ Treatment On Raw, WWE Spotlighting “Million Dollar Man”

— Prior to the match pitting Mark Henry and The Great Khali against Jimmy and Jey Uso on Raw, The brand’s General Manager switched the bout to a dance-off. The World’s Strongest Man and The Punjabi Playboy notched the victory with their unorthodox dance moves.



Former WWE star Rikishi, father of the Uso brothers, took to Twitter to express his unhappiness for the angle.

“My thoughts on my sons’ dance off? Didn’t really need it,” he wrote. “Creative Team WTF!! Its not that hard to figure in talent.”

He added, “Tag Teams in the WWE are not really the focus as we can see. Soon Usos will be in singles.”

— All March on WWE Classics, the legendary career of the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase will be spotlighted. WrestleMania IV, which featured DiBiase vs. Randy Savage, will also be featured.

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