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Ring Of Honor TV Results for 1/29/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Tues. January 29, 2017) Ring Of Honor TV episode (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

– The show opens with an Adam Cole video and promo. In it, Cole brags about putting an end to The Cole-O’Reilly story at WrestleKingdom 11, and becoming a 3-time ROH World Champion.

– Kevin Kelly is running solo on commentary for the time being. Throughout the show, He is joined by several guest commentators. A triple threat tag team match kicks things off.

The Tempura Boyz (Sho & Yo) vs. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara vs. Coast To Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali)

– The Young Bucks arrive on the scene with their tag titles in hand. They end up joining Kevin Kelly on commentary. Matt and Nick Jackson announce that the winner of this match will get a shot at their ROH tag titles next week. They also mention the Broken Hardy’s and their open challenge to them. Which has been accepted for The Supercard of Honor show on April 1st in Florida. The match is being billed as “Too Sweet Or Delete”. More hype recently posted by ROH and The Hardy’s in the video below.

– The is a very fast paced triple threat tag match with a lot of high risk aerial moves. The match itself is very short. One of the highlights is a great looking coast to coast move by LSG and Ali on The Tempura Boyz. The match ends when Sho hits the “shock and awe” package piledriver on Ali and pins him.

The Tempura Boyz defeat Coast To Coast & Cheeseburger/Will Ferrara to earn an ROH World Tag Team championship match.

– After the match. The Bucks get into the ring to confront The Tempura Boyz. They inform them that they have just earned a shot at their tag titles next week. The Tempura Boyz celebrate the news, and then they are super kicked and cleared from the ring by The Bucks. Matt and Nick Jackson then introduce Adam Cole. The ROH Champion makes his way to the ring dressed in casual attire. Cole calls himself God, a history maker and a legend. He brags about being 3-time champion, and mocks his potential challengers. Adam Cole calls Dalton Castle just a gimmick. He says that he would get rid of the other half of RedDragon in Bobby Fish. He then states that he has beaten both Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe in the past, and how he doesn’t care if either of them wins the Decade of Excellence tournament. Cole ends the promo by stating that 2017 will be a special year for himself and The Bullet Club. He then asks The Bucks to “Two Sweet” him, and they pose with their titles.

– A Juice Robinson video airs. In it are highlights from him in Japan. This is his ROH TV debut. The former CJ Parker of NXT fame has only been in the business for 5 years, and has really started to take the next step in his career of late. He was trained by Truth Martini originally, and then by Norman Smiley in The WWE, and decided to leave and be trained in The infamous New Japan Dojo. In the video below, Juice talks about his shot at Marty Scurll’s ROH TV Championship.

Ring Of Honor Television Championship Match
‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll (C) vs. Juice Robinson

– Marty makes his way to the ring in what may be, ROH’s best ring entrance. Scurll has his trusty umbrella with him. He and Jack Gallagher are destined for a feud in the future. Kevin Kelly is now joined on commentary by Alex Shelley. Juice gets a decent reaction from the crowd but he really wins them over by the end of the match…. Some early mind games by The Villain. Both men spend the first few minutes wrestling on the mat. The match then transitions to a more physical style. With a lot of precision strikes. Going into the commercial break, Scurll gets the advantage when he hits a running punt kick on Robinson from the ring apron. When the show returns, Juice Robinson is now in control and hits a nice looking flying headbutt from 3 quarters away in the ring. Juice then goes for a brainbuster on Scurll, but Marty counters and hits one of his own. He then attempts to lock in his chicken wing submission. Robinson counters out and hits a power bomb for a near fall. The action ends up on the outside of the ring. Scurll attempts yet another running punt kick but this time Juice evades it and sends Scurll crashing down to the ringside floor. The crowd starts chanting “Juice”. Robinson then attempts to hit a running tumbleweed but Scurll moves out of the way. Juice ends up crashing into the steel barricade. The action heads back inside the ring. The Villain hits a leaping spike piledriver on Robinson and covers him “Undertaker” style. Robinson kicks out. Marty then does his own signature move by snapping Juice’s fingers. Scurll then attempts to lock in his chicken wing submission hold. Juice is able to counter and attempts The “Pulp Friction” but Scurll gets out of hit and finally gets the chicken wing on Juice. Robinson is trapped, and is forced to tap out.

Marty Scurll defeats Juice Robinson by submission to retain The ROH TV Championship

– The Villain gets on the mic after the match. He brags about being undefeated and continuing his reign of wickedness. Scurll then calls out the entire ROH locker room. He says that he has no real completion for his title. Out comes Chris Sabin, Donovan Dijak, Lio Rush, Jay White and Jonathan Gresham. They all stand on the stage and presumably accept Marty’s open challenge. The show goes to break and when it returns. Alex Shelley has joined the 5 TV title challengers at ringside. Kevin Kelly attempts to interview them. Chris Sabin does the talking. He announces that all 6 men will face each other in a scramble match next week. With the winner getting a shot at Marty Scurll’s ROH TV Title….. With Nigel McGuinness now gone as ROH’s “matchmaker”. It’s interesting that during this show, the talent is actually booking their own matches. The Bucks did it in the opener, and here Sabin did it as well.

– A video package airs hyping The Decade of Excellence semi-final match between Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe. Both men cut promos about what the tournament and ROH means to them and they touch on their history between each other. Jay Lethal’s quest to become ROH Champ again, and Jay Briscoe being 0 and 2 in big matches against him. Jay Briscoe promises that he will not lose to Jay Lethal again. He makes a macho man reference about Jay Lethal’s time spent away from Ring Of Honor.

Jay Lethal vs. Jay Briscoe

– The winner of this match will face Christopher Daniels in the final. The winner of that will go on to challenge for The ROH World Title at The 15th anniversary ppv show on March 10th. Frankie Kazarian joins Kevin Kelly on commentary. He gives his prospective on who his partner may be facing in the final. He also guarantees that “Jay” will win this match. Adam Cole comes down to ringside and joins Kelly and Kazarian on commentary. Cole taunts Lethal and Briscoe at certain points of this match. He gets into an argument with Frankie Kazarian, when he disrespects Christopher Daniels. Cole brags about being 3 time ROH champ at the age of 27, while Daniels has never won The ROH Championship. Kazarian takes exception to this comment and goes on the defensive for his partner. Frankie states that if it wasn’t for Daniels, There wouldn’t even be an ROH today, because he main evented the first show and started it all.

– The fans chant “Both These Guys” after the Code of Honor handshake. They then chant “Jay” instead to support both men. This is an evenly contested match early on between Lethal and Briscoe. The tables turn in Briscoe’s favor when both men collide head first in the center of the ring. For a large majority of the match, Lethal appears to be concussed and on auto pilot. A fact that Kevin Kelly harps on throughout this bout. After the head on collision, Briscoe hits his finisher, The Jay Driller and gets a near pinfall on Lethal. Briscoe is in complete control of the match now. He sends Lethal to the outside and then meets him out there with a suicide dive. The dive sends Lethal flying into the steel barricade. The show heads to break…. When it returns, Jay Lethal attempts to rally and muster up some offense. He ends up hitting Briscoe with a cutter. He follows that up with The Lethal Combo for a 2 count. Both men start exchanging strikes in the center of the ring. Briscoe appears to have the advantage but out of instinct, Lethal retaliates with a bicycle kick and an enzuigiri. Lethal then attempts to hit The “Hail To The King” elbow drop. Briscoe attempts to lift his foot up, Lethal puts on the brakes in mid-air, and grabs Briscoe’s foot and applies a figure four leglock. Adam Cole on commentary claims that he invented the move. Kazarian wants to see the legal documentation by Cole to back up his claim….. Jay Briscoe manages to escape from the figure four. Both men end up exchanging strikes in the center of the ring again. Briscoe attempts the Jay Driller twice on Lethal, but he escapes. Lethal then goes for the “Lethal Injection”. He springs off the ropes but Briscoe hits a beautiful counter of it, when he backflips Lethal in mid-air. Lethal lands on his feet but gets caught with a discus elbow by Briscoe. Jay Briscoe then hits a wicked lariat on Lethal. That turns him inside-out. Briscoe covers Lethal and pins him for the victory.

Jay Briscoe defeats Jay Lethal by pinfall to advance to the Decade Of Excellence Final against Christopher Daniels

– After the match. The two Jay’s shake hands in the center of the ring. Adam Cole stands up from his broadcast position. He looks on as the show comes to an end.

– Here is a preview for ROH’s next TV show in the video below.