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Ring Of Honor TV results from 2/15/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Wed. February 15, 2017) episode of Ring Of Honor (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

Ring Of Honor TV
Episode #282
Taped @ Center Stage In Atlanta, Georgia

– The show kicks off with The American Nightmare video teaser that first aired back in late 2016. The ‘Cody is Coming’ spot features Cody talking about his past. He calls himself “The star that left them in the dust”. The video below closes with The Bullet Club theme as Cody is revealed as the newest Bullet Club member.

– Kevin Kelly opens the show on commentary with Mark Briscoe. They hype the show’s main event where The Bullet Club will face Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish.

Hangman Page vs. Mark Sells

Hangman Page makes very quick work of “Mark Sells”. The perfect name for an enhancement talent. The first name can be perceived as an insult. The last name is a compliment. Page doesn’t even need to take off his vest in this one. He jumps Sells at the bell. He roughs him up and sends him to the outside with a big boot. He then throws Sells into the steel ringpost. Moments later, Hangman hits the Rite of Passage on Sells and wins the match.

Hangman Page defeats Mark Sells by pinfall

– After the match. Out comes The Young Bucks. They deliver a double superkick to poor Mark Sells. The Bullet Club’s music hits and out comes ROH World Champion Adam Cole and The ‘American Nightmare’ Cody…. Cole and Rhodes join the rest of The Bullet Club in the ring. Cody kisses the mat, gets the streamer treatment and a welcome home chant from the crowd. Kevin Kelly has a great line here where he sounds disgusted by the fact that The Bullet Club always gets cheered. The perfect tone used towards The Bullet Club faction. Kelly is going to be missed on ROH TV.

– Cody gets on the mic and says that he has waited 11 years for that reception. Cody asks Atlanta what took them so long to respect him. Rhodes turns on the crowd and rips on Atlanta. He calls the people and the place disgusting. Cody goes on to say that they are the reason why his family moved out of Atlanta. Cody then calls out Jay Lethal to the stage. Cody rips on Lethal. He says that Lethal hasn’t been the same since he lost The ROH Championship. Cody mocks the fact that Lethal is called the gatekeeper to Ring of Honor. Cody says that Lethal is more like the doorman. Out comes Jay Lethal, He heads to the ring apron. Cody taunts Jay and then spits on him.
When Lethal does go after Cody, He is jumped by the entire Bullet Club. Bobby Fish runs into the ring to try and make the save. He puts up a bit of a fight before succumbing to the odds. Alex Shelley, Jay White and Lio Rush run into the ring to save Fish and Lethal. The Bullet Club retreats as the show goes to break.

– Back from the break. Adam Cole and Cody are at ringside, while Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish are waiting for them inside the ring. The originally scheduled ROH TV main event is set to take place now.

The Bullet Club (Adam Cole & Cody) vs. Jay Lethal & Bobby Fish

All 4 men brawl to kick things off. Fish and Lethal get the better of The Bullet Club during this exchange. Moments later, The Club turns things back into their favor by getting Fish to chase them to the outside. Cole and Cody corner Fish and he gets laid out by Adam Cole’s superkick. Back in the ring, Cody goes to work on Fish for the next couple of minutes. Cody tags in Cole and suplexes him on top of Bobby Fish. Cole and Cody tag in and out taking turns beating up on Fish. At one point, Cody too sweet’s Fish in the eyes to blind him. The show goes to break with The Bullet Club in full control.

Back from the break. Bobby Fish is sprawled out in The Bullet Club’s corner. He continues to get beat down and taunted by Cole and Cody. Jay Lethal gets in the ring briefly and goes after Cole but the ref sends him back into his corner. Fish eventually rallies and hits an exploder suplex on Adam Cole. He tags in Lethal, who goes to battle with Cody. Adam Cole runs into the ring to aid Cody. Lethal sends Rhodes to the outside and then hits The Lethal Injection on Adam Cole. Lethal covers him for the pin but referee Todd Sinclair doesn’t count because Cole isn’t the legal man in the match. Lethal now tags in his partner Fish, and goes after Cody on the outside. He throws him into the ring for Fish. Cody battles back and hits a baseball slide dropkick on Lethal. He then attempts to hit The destroyer on Fish but Bobby counters out and hits a fall away slam. This leads to a near pinfall victory. The action continues and Cody blind tags in Adam Cole. He runs in and hits consecutive kicks on Fish. Lethal gets into the ring and hits The Lethal Combination on Adam Cole. Cody goes after Lethal and hits him with a lariat. All 4 men are down and struggle to get back to their feet and the show goes to break.

When the show returns. All 4 men are back on their feet trading strikes. Jay Lethal ends up being the last man standing. Lethal flies onto Cody on the outside with a suicide dive. The legal men in the match, Cole and Fish are still in the ring. Adam Cole attempts a shining wizard on Fish. Bobby counters and clamps on a kneebar. Cody attempts to get back in the ring to save Cole but is held back by Jay Lethal. Adam Cole is trapped in the kneebar and is forced to tap out.

Bobby Fish & Jay Lethal defeat Adam Cole & Cody by submission

– Bobby Fish and Jay Lethal celebrate their victory after the match. Kevin Kelly announces on commentary that as a result of this recent match. Dalton Castle and The Boys were originally scheduled to face The Rebellion in this spot. They are now scheduled to main event the show.

– The show cuts to Dalton Castle and The Boys hearing the news while watching the show on a TV set backstage. Castle and his boys are very happy. Dalton calls them his “Main Event Boys”.

– Speaking of The Boys. The Bullet Club recently tweeted this photo of Cody in their attire.

– Back to ringside, Kevin Kelly interviews Mark Briscoe. Kelly asks Mark about his brother Jay’s Decade of Excellence Finals match against Christopher Daniels next week. Mark says that his brother has gotten even crazier since he lost The ROH World Championship, and now he finally gets another chance to regain the title by beating Daniels next week. The winner of the tournament will go on to face The ROH Champion at ROH’s 15th anniversary PPV on March 10th in Vegas. Mark says that he has all the confidence in the world in his brother coming out on top.

– Kelly then cues to a backstage interview by Frankie Kazarian. Where he has thoughts about Daniels match next week against Jay Briscoe. Kazarian says that instead of being excited for Daniels and his chances to win The Decade of Excellence tournament. He is actually scared to death. He is worried that his best friend will come up short in his attempt to finally become ROH World Champion. Kaz explains that while the other 7 men in this tournament had an opportunity. This may very well be Daniels last chance. Kaz says that he and Daniels have talked about this together. How they are fearful that Daniels may never get another shot at becoming ROH champion. How his 20 plus years in the business will all go to waste. How when it’s all over, “Your memories become more important than your dreams”. Kazarian admits that he has always been envious of Daniels and his passion for ROH. He closes the promo by saying that when the tournament ends. He can either be best friends with The ROH champion or best friends with a man whose career has just ended…. This was a very good promo by Kazarian. ROH’s best story told so far in 2017. It’s only going to get better if people have been reading the spoilers.

– Back at the commentary desk. Kevin Kelly asks Mark Briscoe about The Young Bucks-Hardy’s match set for April 1st at The SuperCard of Honor. In mid sentence, Mark tells Kelly that he forgot that he has a match scheduled right now. Mark leaves the broadcast table and starts throwing chairs into the ring. Kevin Kelly complains that commentators always leave him. Funny joke that is funnier now that Kevin Kelly has actually left.

Mark Briscoe vs. Sal Rinauro

Rinauro has nothing on Mark Sells. He has actually been around the block for awhile. Rinauro is actually a former ROH tag champ with Tony Mamaluke. He wrestles mostly in The Georgia area. Rinauro here rips up the streamers intended for Mark Briscoe. Sal then licks his hand and offers Mark the code of honor handshake. Mark wisely refuses. Rinauro then proceeds to clown around some more before being beaten up by Mark. Briscoe flings him to the outside, hits a baseball slide on him, and then hits a running blockbuster off of the apron.

This isn’t the squash match that one might suspect. When the action gets back inside. Rinauro mounts some offense against Briscoe. He ends up hitting a Michinoku driver on him that actually leads to a near pinfall. Mark Briscoe battles back eventually and hits a flurry of offensive moves on Rinauro. He caps them off with The Froggie Bow from the top rope and gets the victory.

Mark Briscoe defeats Sal Rinauro by pinfall

– When the show returns from the break. A Bobby Fish promo airs. Where he talks about his history in Ring of Honor. He first talks about teaming up with Kyle O’Reilly in reDRagon. Fish talks about their 3 world tag title reigns together. Clips are shown of reDRagon from the past. Fish then discusses his singles career in ROH. How he became TV Champ and made it a world title by beating the likes of Tomohiro Ishii. By the end of the promo, Fish teases making yet another run towards The World Television Championship.

– Back at ringside, Kevin Kelly is now joined by Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser. They are on commentary for the main event. Silas tells Kelly that he and The Bruiser are still looking for the right man to join them in their quest to become Six-Man Champions in ROH. Kelly tells Silas that he thought he had the right partner lined up with Bull James. Silas says that Bull James wasn’t man enough to be a part of their team. It is announced that next week on ROH TV. Silas Young will face Bull James one on one…… A promo by Dalton Castle backstage airs prior to the main event. Castle says that he and his boys are gunning for The ROH Six-Man Titles and that to get there. They have to beat The Rebellion. Castle says that he and the boys have been drinking a lot of green tea to get them ready for this.

ROH TV Main Event
The Rebellion (Kenny King, Rhett Titus & Caprice Coleman) vs. Dalton Castle & The Boys

Fair amount of comedy in this roughly 8 minute match. That is to be expected with the cast of characters involved. A lot of showboating and taunting by both sides throughout. An extra layer of comedy is added when The Bruiser runs out of beer. Colt Cabana arrives to ringside with a six pack and gives it to The Bruiser right as the show goes to it’s last break…. Colt has replaced The Bruiser on commentary while he drinks beer. Cabana says that he got the finest jewish lawyers to get him back on commentary, after Kevin Kelly kicked him off for intervening in the action last week on TV. Colt says that he is going to use those same lawyers to get him a handicap match versus The Boys.

Back in the ring, The Rebellion are in control and are roughing up The Boys. They are named on commentary as Boy 1 and Boy 2. Kelly admits that no one knows their actual names. Boy 2 finally escapes from The Rebellion and makes the hot tag to Dalton Castle. Dalton hits german suplexes on all 3 Rebeliion members. Castle then attempts to hit Caprice with The Bang-A-Rang but Rhett Titus blocks the move, while Kenny King takes out Boy #1?….. Titus then goes for the one night stand on Castle but Boy #2 makes the save. He and Castle hit a tandem german suplex/cradle pin on Titus but Coleman breaks up the count. Castle attempts to take on The Rebellion all by himself again. He hits running knees on Coleman and King in opposite corners. He tries it again but Caprice moves out of the way and Castle falls over the top rope to the outside. Boy #1 is back up and leaps into the ring but Kenny King catches him in mid air. King hits a modified stunner on him, Coleman then hits the sky high and Rhett Titus follows it all up with The Big Dog Splash on Boy #1. Titus covers and pins him for the victory.

The Rebellion defeats Dalton Castle & The Boys

– After the match. The current ROH Six-Man Champs, The Kingdom show up on the stage area. They mockingly applaud The Rebellion. Kevin Kelly plugs next week’s ROH TV as the show comes to an end.

– Here is a preview video for ROH’s next TV show. Which will feature The Decade of Excellence final match between Christopher Daniels and Jay Briscoe.


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