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Ring Of Honor TV results for 3/1/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Mon. March 1, 2017) episode of Ring Of Honor (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

The show opens with a Christopher Daniels video. Footage airs of his Decade of Excellence tournament victory, and it’s followed by a Daniels promo where he talks about his long time goal of becoming the ROH World Champion.

At ringside on commentary for this show is the new ROH play by play man Ian Riccaboni. He is joined by Bobby Fish at the broadcast table. They intro the show and then Christopher Daniels music plays, and he makes his way to the ring.

Daniels receives a great response from The Pittsburgh crowd. Riccaboni on commentary hypes up Daniels world title shot at The 15th Anniversary PPV on March 10th. Bobby Fish says that he will be world champ by that time. After he defeats Adam Cole at Manhattan Mayhem…….. In the ring, Daniels brings up his history with ROH. How he main evented the very first show and how it is now his destiny to finally become The Ring Of Honor World Champion…. Daniels is interrupted by Adam Cole. The ROH World Champ is on the stage and insults Daniels. He mocks his age and proclaims that he will remain ROH Champion forever. Cole then says that Daniels looks like he is ready for a fight. That it’s exactly what he plans to give him. Hangman Page arrives and joins Cole. They both head towards Daniels in the ring…..

Daniels is attacked from behind by Hangman Page. Adam Cole enters the ring with his title in hand. Page holds Daniels up for Cole to hit him with the belt. Out comes Frankie Kazarian. He makes his way to the ring. Bobby Fish almost instantly on commentary criticizes Kazarian for his delay in arriving to save Daniels. Fish says “Take your time, Frankie.”…… “Your boy could have used the help”….. Cole and Page retreat to the outside. Kazarian takes the house mic. He proclaims that Daniels will become the next ROH Champion, and demands a tag team match right now against Cole and Page. All 4 men square off trading punches in the center of the ring. A referee runs down to the ring to make the match official.

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian Vs. Adam Cole & Hangman Page

Big spot early on sees Kazarian dive onto Hangman Page on the outside. On commentary, Bobby Fish continues to do the worst case of jumping the gun in wrestling history. Fish criticizes Kazarian for leaving Daniels inside the ring to take a beating from Adam Cole…. Daniels holds his own inside the ring against Cole. He dropkicks him to the outside and then performs a suicide dive onto Cole and Page. Moments later, The heels regain the advantage when Daniels attempts an Asai moonsault. Page pulls out Daniels legs from under him and Cole lands a superkick. The show goes to it’s first commercial break with The Bullet Club in control.

When the show returns. Daniels is being worked over in Page & Cole’s corner. They double team him for awhile. Eventually Daniels rallies and tags in Kazarian. The Addiction then team up together and hit a flurry of moves on Page and Cole. With the momentum clearly on their side. Daniels looks to put away Cole for the win. He attempts The Best Moonsault Ever on him but Cole puts up his boot at the last second. He then rolls up Daniels and pins him for the victory.

Adam Cole & Hangman Page defeated Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian.

After the match. Dissension is teased between Kazarian and Daniels. Daniels is sitting on the mat disappointed with the loss. While Kazarian begins yelling at him… Bobby Fish stands up from his commentary position and cuts a promo. He says that he is going to beat Adam Cole for the ROH Title and be the true king of the company. Something that Cole isn’t fit to be. The entire opening 20 minutes of the show promoted the Manhattan Mayhem show and ROH’s next Pay-Per-View.

Moments later backstage. A camera picks up Kazarian still jawing at Daniels. He tells Christopher that he is not the only one with something to lose in all of this. A frustrated Kazarian then walks away from Daniels….

Ian Riccaboni is now joined at the broadcast table by Brutal Bob Evans. They hype up the 8 wrestler ROH Top Prospect Tournament. A graphic is then shown listing the first round matches in the tournament as follows: Chris Lerusso vs. Josh Woods, Raphael King vs. Brian Milonas, Curt Stallion vs. Preston Quinn and this upcoming match.

2017 ROH Top Prospect Tournament
1st Round Match

Sean Carr Vs. John Skyler


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