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Ring Of Honor TV results from 3/29/17

Here are the results from today’s (Wed. March 29, 2017) episode of Ring Of Honor (ROH) TV (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

The show opens with a video package of Christopher Daniels emotional promo leading into The 15th Anniversary PPV. Highlights are then shown of Daniels beating Cole, to become the ROH World champion for the very first time in his long career.

Ian Riccaboni and Kevin Kelly are on commentary together for this show…. The new ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels, and his Addiction partner Frankie Kazarian make their way to the ring to kick things off. They have a table set up in the ring with a bottle of appletini awaiting them. The appletini gets it’s own separate chant from the crowd. Kazarian gets on the mic and introduces Christopher Daniels, as “The Ring Of Honor World Champion Of The World.”

Christopher Daniels takes a sip of his Appletini, and then talks about what he accomplished at the pay-per-view. Daniels admits that he beat a man in Adam Cole, who is faster, younger and more technically sound than he is, but that Daniels was smarter than him. That he concocted a plan with Kazarian to out smart and trick The Bullet Club, and that’s exactly what he did. How that plan led to him becoming The ROH World Champ for the very first time….. Kazarian gets on the mic and mentions his victory in the six-man mayhem match at the ppv. Where Kazarian earned a future shot at the Television Championship held by Marty Scurll. Kaz promises to take the title away from The Villain. He then states that even though he and Daniels are on separate journeys as singles wrestlers right now. That they will always be united and that The Addiction is something that you just can’t kick….. Daniels then mentions how difficult it will be now to defend the ROH title, now that he has won it. Dalton Castle’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring without his boys. As the show heads to a break…

When the show returns, Dalton Castle is in the ring with Daniels and Kazarian. Dalton asks Daniels if he can get a sip of The Appletini from his glass. Daniels agrees to let Dalton drink some. The crowd chants for Dalton to chug it. Daniels informs the audience that you don’t just chug the first glass of Appletini, because it is too strong. The crowd gets a kick out of Daniels line. Castle takes a sip of the tini from Daniels glass, and sells it as being terrific. He asks Daniels if he can have some more but Christopher doesn’t have another glass for him. So Dalton snaps his fingers and out come the Boys. They bring Dalton a jumbo sized martini glass. Castle then partakes in some more Appletini, and toasts to Daniels. He tells him how great it was to see Christopher finally become ROH Champion. He says that while he is very happy for Daniels. He doesn’t envy him, because Daniels is going to have to face him next at Supercard of Honor on April 1st. Castle states that he wouldn’t wish facing him on anyone.

The Bullet Club’s music hits…. Adam Cole and The Young Bucks make their way to the stage. Cole is on the mic and says that it is once again story time “baybay”. Cole mocks Daniels fairytale ending at the pay-per-view. He says that he was screwed out of his world title by Daniels and Kazarian, and promises that he will make them pay for what they have done. Adam Cole then mocks Dalton Castle. He says that Dalton Castle as ROH champion would be a joke. Cole states that he is the only person that deserves a shot at the title, and that he is the only person who deserves to be the champion…. Kazarian gets on the mic and challenges Cole and The Bucks to a 6 man tag with The Addiction and Castle for later on in the show. Adam Cole accepts Kazarian’s challenge.

After the break…. A Marty Scurll promo airs from backstage in front of The ROH banner. He calls himself the most dominant TV champion in Ring of Honor’s rich history. Scurll then calls out the entire roster. He says that he doesn’t see anyone that can present him with a real challenge. He then ends the promo with his tag line of “Long live the Villain”…. The director then yells cut and Scurll asks him if they are good now…. Just then Kenny King enters the picture. He says that he was walking by and that he heard Scurll “squawking” about there being no competition. Kenny says that he has defeated the same men that Scurll has, like Sonjay Dutt and Lio Rush. King then challenges Scurll to a shot at his TV title. King tells Scurll, to “step up so that he can mess his rep up”. The Villain accepts King’s challenge and that match is scheduled as next week’s TV Main Event. The preview can be seen in the video below.

The Hardy’s (c) vs. The Briscoes

This was originally scheduled to be this week’s main event. This is a dream match as far as tag team wrestling goes. Between two highly successful, respected and decorated brother based tag teams. This could be the last time we ever see this pairing on tv again. The Briscoes don’t have the legendary reputation or resume that the Hardys do, but they are former 8-time ROH tag team champions and have a pretty impressive resume themselves.

The Hardy’s make their way to the ring with the lights going out and then flickering, as they make their entrance. They are announced as Matt and Jeff. They have of course the ROH tag titles with them, as well as The Superkick championships, that they stole from The Young Bucks. No sign of all the other titles they have obtained in their “Expedition of Gold”.

The match begins with the crowd chanting “Man Up” and “Delete”. It’s a fast paced start with Jeff and Mark Briscoe kicking things off. Jeff wins the early battle and then Matt and Jay get involved in the action. The Hardy’s use their vintage tandem offense to gain the early advantage. Matt and Jeff then do dueling chops in opposite corners on Jay and Mark Briscoe. The motion of the chops in unison, are intended to look like The Hardy’s delete gesture. The crowd follows along and chants delete while they deliver each chop on the Briscoes… This is a trick that The Hardy’s used on the last ROH PPV because of the current trademark legal issues with their former employers. At the ppv, in order to find a way to do the Delete gesture. The Hardy’s were in a stand off with The Bucks. Who were doing Suck It crotch chops in response. The Hardy’s delivered chops to RPG Vice, who were standing right beside them. The chops were made to appear as if the Hardy’s were doing their delete chant.

The Hardy’s continue their tandem offense on The Briscoes. When they try their signature “poetry in motion” on them. It backfires as Jeff gets caught in mid-air and then flung into Matt Hardy. The action heads to the outside. Jay Briscoe hits a tope suicida on The Hardy’s and Mark follows that up with a “bang bang”. When he hits the Cactus Jack elbow drop off of the apron, and onto Matt Hardy. The show heads to commercial break…. When it returns, The Briscoes are in control and they isolate Jeff Hardy in their corner, and they rough him up for the next few minutes.

The fans start chanting “Brother Nero” to get Jeff to rally and he does. He is able to escape and evade The Briscoes by hitting the whisper in the wind on them. He tags in his brother. Matt goes after both Briscoes. He knocks Jay to the outside and hits a flurry of offensive moves on Mark Briscoe. The Hardy’s are now in control, as the show heads to another break…. Coming out of the break, Mark Briscoe and Jeff Hardy knock each other down with a double clothesline. They both crawl to their corners and tag in their brothers. Matt and Jay now go at it trading strikes. Matt headbutts Jay Briscoe repeatedly and then starts biting him on the head. Jay starts bleeding. Jay rallies and retaliates by returning the favor with several headbutts of his own on Matt. After both men counter out of each other’s finishers. Jeff Hardy and Mark Briscoe enter the fray.

All 4 men are brawling leading into the final sequence of the match. The Briscoes get The Hardy’s to the top rope and hit superplexes on them. Mark Briscoe then hits the froggie bow and gets a near pinfall on Matt Hardy. The Briscoes then set up Matt for the doomsday device. Jeff intervenes and pushes Mark off the top rope. The Briscoes improvise and hit the doomsday device with Mark spring boarding into the ring to execute the move. Jeff breaks up the pinfall attempt. Jeff then battles with Jay Briscoe on the outside, and gets the better of him by hitting the twist of fate. Mark Briscoe is now left alone inside the ring with The Hardy’s. He somehow manages to temporarily escape defeat, after The Hardy’s hit their tandem twist of fate/swanton bomb combo. Seconds later however, The Hardy’s pick up the win when they execute a tandem pinning cradle on Mark Briscoe.

The Hardys defeat The Briscoes to retain The ROH World Tag Team Championships

After the match, The Young Bucks make their way to the stage. They challenge the Hardy’s to a ladder match at Supercard of Honor on April 1st in Lakeland, Florida. Where the ROH tag titles and the superkick titles will be suspended above the ring. The Hardy’s accept the new stipulation and challenge.

As many already know. This coming Saturday, ROH’s Supercard of Honor show will be broadcast on Ippv and on pay-per-view through the Fite TV app. Here is some hype from The Hardys and Young Bucks in the two videos below.

When the show returns from the break. The second half of this week’s double main event has already gotten started.

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Dalton Castle vs. Adam Cole & The Young Bucks

All six men are brawling around the ringside area. Adam Cole and The Bucks gain the advantage with what else, but a superkick party. Nick Jackson hits a nice looking springboard swanton onto Castle, Daniels and Kazarian at ringside. The Bullet Club then picks up all three men and they hit a triple apron power bomb on them in unison. This is followed by Adam Cole and The Bucks setting up their terminator spot. It gets interrupted by Castle’s boys. Who trip up The Bucks and try to take their place while Adam Cole has his head down in the terminator position. The Boys fail and end up eating super kicks from The Bucks. The Terminator spot is then completed by The “SuperKliq”.

Adam Cole then goes to work on Frankie Kazarian individually. Cole is looking for payback and trash talks him while he is pounding away. Kazarian is then taken to The Bullet Club’s corner and punished for the next few minutes. As the Jacksons and Cole take turns beating him up. They then set up Kazarian for a brain buster spot where they yell out the name of the hold before attempting to hit it. Kaz blocks several attempts. Castle and Daniels finally come into the ring to try and help their partner. Cole and The Bucks then tease hitting a triple brainbuster, but Dalton, Daniels and Kaz reverse it, and deliver suplexes of their own. As the show heads to it’s final break.

When the show returns… Daniels and Castle have been laid out on the outside. The Bullet Club triple teams Kazarian and they hit a succession of tandem moves on him. Despite Kaz trying to fight back. He ends up getting hit with a springboard X factor by Nick Jackson. Moments later, Kaz does rally and he hits a slingshot cutter on Nick Jackson. He tags in Daniels. Christopher takes the fight to the entire club. Daniels goes on a offensive flurry, and then attempts Angels Wings on Nick, but Adam Cole breaks it up with a superkick. Dalton Castle and Adam Cole both tag themselves into the match. Castle ends up hitting several dead lift german suplexes on Cole and The Bucks.

This leads to a fast paced sequence with all six men getting involved and hitting high Impact moves on one another. When the smoke clears. All six men are down. Adam Cole is the first man up and he hits a destroyer suplex on Kazarian. Daniels goes after Cole. He knocks him down and goes for the best moonsault ever. The Bucks hit a double superkick on Daniels. Kazarian gets invited to the same party by The Jacksons. When Adam Cole holds up Dalton Castle to get his invite. The Young Bucks accidentally superkick Adam Cole. A recovered Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian then go after the Bucks and take them down on the outside. Back in the ring, Dalton Castle picks up a fallen Adam Cole and hits his Bang-A-Rang finisher and pins him.

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Dalton Castle defeat Adam Cole, Matt & Nick Jackson

After the match… Christopher Daniels has his ROH world title in hand. He and Dalton Castle shake hands and stare each other down. As a prelude to their Supercard of Honor match this Saturday.

The show closes with a complete run down of The Supercard of Honor XI lineup.

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