Ring Of Honor TV results from 4/26/17

Here are the results from today’s (April 26, 2017) Ring Of Honor (ROH) TV episode (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):



ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels is in the ring to start things off. He talks about defending his title successfully against Dalton Castle, in front of the largest crowd in the history of the company at Supercard of Honor. Daniels states that he is prepared to take on all upcoming challengers for his title. He then promotes next week’s 4 corner #1 contenders survival match between Jay Lethal, Hangman Page, Silas Young and Jay White. The winner of that match is scheduled to face him at the War of The Worlds PPV on Friday May 12th. Daniels then talks about having other matters, that he wants to deal with, and it’s The American Nightmare Cody. Daniels says that he was left laying by Cody at Supercard of Honor, and that he wants ROH officials to set up a match between them.

Cody’s music hits and he makes his way to the stage area. He addresses Daniels by calling him The Fallen Angel, and says that with a name like that, he’d figure that Daniels would be covered in “Stardust”…. Rhodes plays into Daniels suggestion and calls for a match between them now. When the crowd chants for it, Cody teases being all for it, only to back away from the match at this show. Cody says that Baltimore is not worthy of that type of match and that he would rather challenge for the ROH World Championship at the next PPV. Daniels responds by suggesting a 3-Way title match at War of The Worlds. He says that if it were up to him, he would schedule that now…. Cody then mocks Daniels in his response. He states that Daniels is the champ and should be able to do whatever he wants. Cody says that he can do whatever he wants and that he doesn’t have to wait in line or pay any dues. Cody states that he doesn’t respect chain of command or protocols. He then goes on to say that Daniels as champ represents the old Ring of Honor, while Cody is just a part timer. He then asks the fans of ROH to imagine him as their world champion. Someone who doesn’t care about the company and Cody then walks away.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are on commentary at ringside. They recap what just took place, preview this week’s show and hype the TV title main event.

Highlights are then shown from The Villain’s successful TV title defense against Adam Cole at Supercard of Honor. The video closes with Scurll’s tag line “Long Live The Villain”….. This is followed by a promo from his challenger on this show, Frankie Kazarian. Frankie talks about all the wrestlers that Marty Scurll has defeated during his championship reign and how everyone loves a villain. Kazarian closes the promo by telling Scurll to get his umbrella ready because tonight, it’s going to be raining blood.

What follows next on the show is a history package of Lio Rush’s feud with The Rebellion. How it all led up to Shane Taylor turning on him and joining The Rebellion.

Back at ringside, Lio Rush and Shane Taylor have made their ring entrances. Caprice Coleman gets on the mic to address Lio. He tells him that this didn’t have to happen, that he gave Lio an opportunity to join them and he refused.

Lio Rush vs. ‘The Notorious’ Shane Taylor

Lio Rush sticks and moves early on. He actually ends up trading blows with Taylor and comes out favorably. Rush then takes the action to the outside and gets caught attempting to leap onto Taylor. Rush is then rammed repeatedly into the ringpost, as the show heads to break… When the show returns, Lio Rush is flung halfway across the ring by Taylor. Lio is then splashed in the corner. Shane Taylor is in full control and starts toying with Lio Rush. After beating him down, He covers Lio with one boot but refuses to pin him. Taylor wants to inflict more damage. Shane’s taunting and stalling backfires when Lio Rush starts to rally. He hits a flurry of offensive moves, which climaxes with a swinging tornado ddt for a near fall. Rush then signals going to the top rope, to hit his finisher the “Dragon’s Call”. Caprice Coleman gets on the ring apron to distract him. Lio knocks him down with a handspring elbow. Rush then heads to the top rope and leaps off but Taylor moves out of the way. Taylor then turns Rush inside out with a lariat. He follows that up with choke buster and pins Lio Rush.

Shane Taylor defeats Lio Rush by pinfall

After the match, The Motor City Machine Guns make their way to the ring, to check on the fallen Lio Rush. Shane Taylor and Caprice Coleman ambush the Guns from behind. Taylor mauls both Sabin and Shelley. Caprice then holds down Sabin’s legs and Taylor splashes him from the second rope.

A video package airs to set up ROH’s Top Prospect Tournament final. Brutal Bob Evans has now joined Riccaboni and Cabana on commentary for this match.

Josh “The Goods” Woods vs. “The Southern Savior” John Skyler

The winner gets a contract with Ring Of Honor. Both men have impressed during this tournament. Woods has stood out because of his UFC style and background. He is also a 4 time All-American wrestler, who has spent some time with NXT…. The match starts off with both men doing a lot of go behinds and standing switches. With neither one getting the clear advantage. After several tie-ups and exchanges, Woods lands on his feet after Skyler snap mares him. Josh then delivers a high knee. Moments later, Skyler finally gains control after countering Woods and sends him to the outside. The show heads to commercial…..

Skyler is still in control when the show returns. He has targeted Woods ribs, and highlights are shown of what transpired during the break, where Skyler stretched out Woods body up against the ring post. Skyler now hits a leaping senton onto Woods ribs, and then attempts another one, but as he lands, Woods catches him and locks him in an armbar submission. Skyler breaks free of the hold by turning it into a pin attempt. Woods starts to rally by hitting a combination of strikes on Skyler. He then hits a great looking belly to back suplex and rolls it into a pin attempt for a near fall. Both men then battle to the top rope. Skyler attempts his signature finish from there. The “Southern Salvation” but Woods breaks free and lands on the apron. Skyler follows him there and delivers a spear to Woods on the ring apron.

Back into the ring. John Skyler connects with a slingshot spear on Woods. Skyler tries another one but gets caught in mid-air, and Woods nails him with a modified GTS for a near fall. Woods then attempts a springboard move of his own but gets superkicked by Skyler. Moments later, Woods counters Skyler and connects with a delayed german suplex into a pinning bridge for a near fall. Woods then transitions this into a cross arm breaker and Skyler is forced to tap out.

Josh Woods defeats John Skyler by submission to win The Top Prospect Tournament

Woods gets the streamer treatment after the match but his celebration doesn’t last very long. David Starr runs into the ring and blindsides Josh Woods with a forearm to the back of his head. Starr gets on the mic and re-introduces himself to the ROH audience. He congratulates a fallen Woods and kicks him in the head for added measure. Starr then goes through several of his catchphrases and nicknames. He says that he is “Your favorite wrestler’s favorite wrestler”. “The Product” David Starr calls himself the biggest international star in all of wrestling and that he has finally returned to Ring Of Honor.

An Adam Cole promo airs. In it, Cole asks the Bucks to forgive him so that they can just go back to being The Bullet Club again….. There is a lot of speculation in terms of Cole’s future with Ring of Honor but he is scheduled to face Hiroshi Tanahashi at the next ppv on May 12th.


After some early theatrics and antics by The Villain and a standoff between both men. Frankie Kazarian takes control with a hanging guillotine leg drop. He then hits a wicked implant DDT on Scurll to the outside floor. The show heads to it’s final break and when it returns, Marty Scurll has now retaken the advantage in the match. He gained it during the break and is now working on Kazarian’s shoulder. Scurll stays in control until Kazarian starts to rally. Frankie hits a nice looking hip toss into a brain buster for a near fall. Kaz then connects with a lung blower and a tilt a whirl slam. Kazarian then tries to continue his momentum by springing off the ropes but his legs are taken out from under him by The Villain.

Marty goes to work on Kaz’s shoulder again and attempts to apply his chicken wing submission. Frankie escapes from the hold twice and then yells to the crowd that “Chicken wings are not on the menu”…. Kazarian then tries to suplex Scurll but The Villain counters with a wicked delayed brainbuster. Scurll attempts to pin Kaz but he kicks out. Scurll then heads to the outside to get his umbrella. Kazarian stops him from bringing it into the ring and hits a springboard cutter on Marty. Moments later when Kazarian tries to put a fallen Scurll away. The Villain springs up and snaps Frankie’s fingers. Scurll now goes back to getting his umbrella. Kaz gets a hold of it instead and referee Paul Turner tries to take it away from Frankie. Meanwhile, The Villain retreats and heads underneath the ring and finds a powdered substance in a Ziploc bag. The Villain gets a handful of the powder and heads back inside the ring. Colt Cabana in the line of the week laughs and says that “Marty likes to party” when Scurll finds this mysterious white substance….

Back in the ring, Scurll throws his party powder at Frankie but it flies into the face of referee Paul Turner instead. With the ref down, Kazarian hits his “Ace of Spades” finisher on The Villain but here is no ref to count the pinfall…. Hangman Page makes his way to ringside with a steel chair. Kazarian sees him and knocks him down from the ring apron. The Villain sneaks up from behind Frankie and tries to apply his chicken wing submission but Kazarian counters with a roll up pin attempt. Scurll kicks out at two by pushing Kazarian off of him and towards the ring apron, where Hangman Page’s steel chair meets Kazarian’s skull. The Villain then rolls up a stunned Kazarian to get the pinfall victory.

Marty Scurll defeats Frankie Kazarian to retain The ROH World Television Championship

After the match, Hangman Page has left the ringside area. Christopher Daniels runs out to inform the referee what just took place. He is unable to get him to change the decision. Moments later as The Addiction leaves, The Villain gets into the ring and gets on the mic. He says that he has beaten everyone and that there is no more competition for him. Just then, Matt Sydal’s music hits and he makes his way towards the ring to confront The Villain. Marty Scurll backs off and leaves the ring when Sydal enters it. Matt Sydal poses in the ring and yells that he wants a shot at the TV title, as the show comes to an end.

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