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Ring Of Honor TV results from 4/6/17

Here are the results from today’s (Thurs. April 6, 2017) episode of Ring Of Honor (ROH) TV (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

This week’s tv show opens with exclusive footage from what took place, once ROH TV went off the air last week. Adam Cole calls The Young Bucks into the ring, after their loss to Dalton Castle and The Addiction. Cole tells the Jacksons, how disappointed he is in them. How they didn’t come to his aid, when he lost The ROH Championship. How they just cost him another match, and then Cole proceeds to fire The Young Bucks from The Bullet Club. Matt Jackson responds to this by telling Cole, that it was their idea to bring Cole into the Bullet Club, and that Adam Cole is not their leader, that Kenny Omega is. The Bucks then walk away from Adam Cole.

What follows this footage is a promo by Adam Cole. He is backstage standing in front of The ROH banner. He doesn’t address his split from the Bullet Club, but he is no longer wearing their gear. Instead, Cole cuts a promo about being furious about what’s happened to him of late. How he has always had to overcome all the obstacles, that have been set in his path. Cole calls himself special and better than everyone else. He brags about being the only 3 time ROH champ, and promises to become champion again.

The show now cuts to the arena, where Ian Riccaboni and Kevin Kelly are on commentary. They hype the show and this week’s TV title main event…..

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Ray Rowe

Footage airs prior to this match from the 15th anniversary ppv. Where Smith and Rowe had a falling out, after their team lost to Bully Ray and The Briscoes… The match starts off with Davey Boy Smith Jr. attacking Rowe from behind. He clips his left knee, and then proceeds to go to work on the knee, for the next few minutes. At one point, Smith slams Rowe’s knee into a table at ringside. Davey then puts Rowe into a ring post figure four leg lock. Channeling his father’s greatest opponent, and his uncle, Bret Hart.

The show returns from the break, with Davey Boy Jr. still in control of the match. Davey continues to target Rowe’s left knee by applying several different submission holds. Out of desperation, Ray Rowe hits shotgun knees on Davey, to try and turn the match in his favor. He hurts himself by using his injured knee as a weapon. Rowe is finally able to get back to his feet, he begins to trade blows with Smith, and connects with a release german suplex on him. Rowe then attempts to hit his finisher, Death Rowe, but Davey breaks free from it. Rowe then hits a judo throw on Davey, and then attempts to hit him with shotgun knees again, but this time, he misses. Davey hits a suplex on Rowe for a near fall. The crowd starts chanting his name. He gets frustrated when he can’t put Rowe away. Smith then puts Rowe into the Sharpshooter, once again borrowing from the Bret Hart playbook. Rowe actually counters out, contorts his body and gets Davey in a pinning predicament. Davey kicks out but ends up eating a really stiff knee to the head. Rowe once again sacrifices his injured knee, and uses it as a weapon. It pays off though, as Rowe picks up Davey and connects with his Death Rowe finisher and secures the victory.

Ray Rowe defeats Davey Boy Smith Jr. by pinfall

A Marty Scurll promo airs following this match. ‘The Villain’ compliments Kenny King and his ability, but states that King is not on his level, and that he won’t be able to take the TV title away from him….. After the break, A Kenny King promo airs in response to Scurll. Kenny talks about, how he and The Rebellion have been overlooked for far too long, and how he now has a chance to change that against The Villain, by taking the TV title away from him. King says that it’s a good thing that Marty carries an umbrella, because he is going to send him away like Mary Poppins.

Ring Of Honor
Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Finals
Brian Milonas vs. Josh Woods

This match took place at Manhattan Mayhem at the Manhattan Center. Ian Riccaboni and Brutal Bob Evans were on commentary for this. The winner of this match will go on to face the winner of the other semi-final match between Curt Stallion and John Skyler. The final of the tournament takes place on April 8th in Baltimore…. Josh Woods tries to utilize his MMA skills at the outset, but gets overpowered, and sent to the apron by the much larger Milonas. The two start to battle on the apron and Woods gets Milonas in an omoplata submission in between the ropes. Woods has to break the hold. When he goes after Milonas, He gets overpowered by him again. Milonas takes over the next couple minutes of the match. Woods continues to try and battle back using his MMA tools. Woods tries to strike Milonas, but gets hit with a belly to back suplex. Woods battles back again and gets Milonas in a guillotine choke. Milonas powers out and power bombs Woods. Milonas then isolates Woods in the corner and hits several splashes on him. Woods battles back and hits a springboard knee, and follows that up with a roundhouse kick for a near fall. Josh then goes for a springboard roundhouse, but Brian knocks him out of the air with a lariat, and then hits a jumping senton for a near fall. Brian beats on Josh in the corner before Josh hits a impressive looking dead lift German suplex for a near fall of his own, Woods then immediately locks in a kneebar submission, and Milonas is forced to tap out.

Josh Woods defeats Brian Milonas by submission to advance to The Top Prospect Tournament Final

Woods and Milonas shake hands after the match concludes…. A promo by The Briscoes follows this. Where Mark and Jay talk about Bully Ray, and how he came to their rescue in New York. The Briscoes put over Bully Ray and how much they have always respected him and his career. They then hype next week’s TV main event for the ROH Six-Man Titles against The Kingdom.

Ring Of Honor TV Main Event
World Television Championship Match
‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll vs. Kenny King w/Caprice Coleman

Frankie Kazarian is on commentary to scout this match. He earned a future TV title match at the 15th anniversary pay-per view… Both Scurll and Kenny King go back and forth early on, with both men trying to show each other up with standing switches and counters. Scurll gets the best of King and the crowd is firmly behind him. Kenny tries to use his athleticism to get back into the match but The Villain goes to his bag of tricks early, and retains the advantage. He starts targeting Kenny’s joints and puts King in a modified surfboard, where he digs his fingers into Kenny’s eye sockets. Scurll stays in control and starts trying to choke out King with his own arms, in a straight jacket looking submission. King uses his athleticism to get out of the hold, by rolling through, and he then hits The Villain with a spinning heel kick. Moments later, Kenny King hits a wicked looking spine buster on Scurll. He finally has some momentum in his favor, as the show heads to it’s final break.

When the show returns, Scurl hits a basement dropkick to King’s knee, and then follows that up with a brainbuster for a near pin fall. Scurll then connects with a spike piledriver for another near fall. After both men trade some stiff strikes, King and Scurll battle to the top rope. Kenny gets pushed off, but lands on his feet, and hits a running enzuguri. King then attempts to hit the Royal Flush on Scurll, but he breaks free and applies the chicken wing submission. Caprice Coleman aids King by pushing the ropes towards him to break the hold. King then knocks Scurll to the outside, and leaps onto Marty with a pretty looking corkscrew tope. King then dropkicks Marty into the barricade at ringside. With the momentum now on his side, Kenny throws Marty into the ring, and leaps off the top rope and connects with a top rope blockbuster. He covers Scurll for an extremely close near fall. King looks to finish off Scurll with the Royal Flush, but Scurll breaks out of it by snapping King’s fingers. He then applies the chicken wing submission, and King is forced to tap out.

Marty Scurll defeats Kenny King by submission to retain The ROH Television Championship

Frankie Kazarian stares down Marty Scurll in the ring from the broadcast position. The show ends with Ian Riccaboni and Kevin Kelly hyping next week’s Six-Man championship match between The Kingdom and Bully Ray & The Briscoes.

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