Ring Of Honor TV results from 5/10/17

Here are the results from tonight’s (Wed. May 10, 2017) Ring Of Honor (TV) episode (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):



The show opens with The Young Bucks making their way to the ring. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are on commentary. They promote this Friday night’s upcoming ‘War of The Worlds’ PPV.

(c) The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. ‘The Squad’ (Mike Mondo & Ken Doane)

The Squad comes out from the crowd and they attack the Bucks from behind. Mondo and Doane hold up the tag titles. The Jacksons recover quickly and send the squad over the top rope. They then execute their terminator spot on them…. When the action gets back inside, The Squad takes control of the match. Using tandem offense and showboating in the ring with their vintage cheerleading antics. Mikey and Kenny hit an assisted gut check on Matt Jackson. After the break, Doane connects with a delayed vertical suplex on Matt. He then attempts a spike piledriver but Matt breaks free from it. Matt attempts to tag in his brother Nick but Mondo cuts him off. Mondo isolates Matt Jackson in the squad’s corner. Throughout the match, Mondo shows quite a bit of charisma and incorporates several dance moves. The crowd even begins chanting “Magic Mike” at him….. The Squad attempts another assisted aerial gut check but this time, Matt escapes and tags in his brother. Nick comes into the ring and hits a flurry of offensive moves. First with a springboard X factor on Mikey, followed by a springboard moonsault to the outside on Kenny. Nick Jackson then attempts to leap off the top rope with a swanton bomb but Mondo avoids it. Seconds later, Mondo hits a front face DDT on Nick. The Squad double team him, Doane connects with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Mondo follows that up with a sideways spine buster. Ken Doane then attempts to finish off Nick with a top rope leg drop but he misses. Matt is tagged in and he and his brother take the squad to superkick street. The Jacksons then hit the Meltzer Driver on Mike Mondo and secure the victory.

The Young Bucks defeat ‘The Squad’ to retain The ROH World Tag Team Titles

The Kingdom is backstage and Matt Taven cuts a promo about his upcoming world title match with Christopher Daniels on May 10th in Dearborn. Taven promises to become the first ever grand slam champion in Ring of Honor history. Taven mentions winning the TV title, tag titles and the 6 man titles in his stay with the company. Taven then closes the promo by calling Daniels a dinosaur in ROH, and promises to make him extinct.

This is followed by a promo from The Briscoe brothers. They promote defending their 6 man titles with Bully Ray, next week on ROH TV against The Rebellion. Jay Briscoe calls out Shane Taylor. He says that the last time, the Briscoes were in a ring with him. They ran off his former partner Keith Lee. Below is a video preview for the next episode of Ring of Honor.

Punishment Martinez vs. The Beer City Bruiser w/Silas Young

Young makes his way to the broadcast table and joins in on commentary for this match… During the match, Silas plugs his upcoming match with Bobby Fish at the WOTW pay-per-view…. That has since been changed to a four corner survival match with Kushida and Dalton Castle being added to it….. Both Martinez and Bruiser show a lot of agility throughout this match. Less surprising for Martinez, than it is for someone with the look of the Bruiser. One of the big spots early on is a running cannonball off the ring apron by Beer City. After an early break, Punishment Martinez takes to the air with his signature running leap to the outside. Normally, Punishment leaps over the ring post and lands on his opponent, but this time, he actually doesn’t quite leap over it and barely connects when landing on top of The Bruiser. The move actually looks like he did more damage to himself, as Martinez landed pretty hard on the floor….. The action stays on the outside for a bit. Beer City battles back and suplexes Martinez onto the apron. When both big men get back into the ring. Punishment attempts his South of Heaven choke slam but it gets blocked. The Bruiser sets up Martinez in the corner and hits two consecutive running cannonballs. Martinez is covered by Bruiser but actually kicks out at 1. Punishment powers up to his feet and both men exchange blows in the center of the ring. Punishment gets the better of him with a spinning heel kick. Bruiser battles back with a basement dropkick and a boss man slam for a near fall. Beer City sets up Martinez, yet again in the corner for a running cannonball but this time, he misses and crashes to the mat. Punishment then hits the South Of Heaven choke slam on Bruiser for the victory.

Punishment Martinez defeats The Beer City Bruiser by pinfall

A promo by ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll airs. In it, Scurll talks about his upcoming tv title defense against Matt Sydal at the pay-per-view. Marty says that Sydal may have gotten his attention but that he will not take his championship….. This is followed by a promo by Adam Cole. He goes over the latest issues with him in The Bullet Club. Cole says that they are stronger than ever and that he plans to prove it in this show’s main event.

‘Almighty’ Christopher Daniels & Dalton Castle w/The Boys vs. ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody & Adam Cole

Jay Lethal joins the commentary team for this match. Throughout the main event, Lethal complains about his now 3-way match at the pay per view for the ROH World Championship. Lethal takes exception to Cody simply asking Daniels for a world title shot and receiving it, while he had to earn it by winning a Vegas Wildcard and Four Corner Survival match. Lethal also cites beating Cody, as why he should be getting a singles shot rather than the pay per view main event being a 3-way….. Before the main event can start, Cody grabs a mic on the outside. He says that this is not an 8 man tag team match and demands that the boys are banned from ringside. Cody’s demand falls on deaf ears as the boys stay in Castle’s corner.

Castle and Cody start things off here. Dalton gets the better of Cody and starts off the match hot. Daniels comes into the ring and fans off Castle with one of Dalton’s peacock feathers… After Daniels gets into the match and keeps the advantage for his team by hitting an Arabian moonsault. Cody eventually rallies and takes control. Dissention is then teased between Cody and Adam Cole. Cody reluctantly tags in Cole to beat up on Daniels. The two argue for a bit during all of this… Moments later, Daniels is able to escape from the Bullet Club’s corner and tag in Castle. Dalton and Daniels then connect with a tandem swinging neck breaker on Cole. Dalton takes Adam down to the mat and stays in control from there. When Cole escapes Castle’s clutches, he turns the tables in the match by spitting on Daniels. Christopher tries to go after Cole, this prompts the ref to try and stop him from entering the ring. With the ref’s back turned, Cody is in and he and Cole double team Castle. Dalton manages to break free from the double team and hits a double clothesline. Castle then attempts to hit a double german suplex on both Cody and Cole at the same time, but Cole stops it by holding onto referee Paul Turner’s shirt. This allows Cody to low blow Castle to break free.

At this point of the match, So pleased are Adam Cole and The American Nightmare with their teamwork. That after squabbling early on. They decide to makeup and hug in the center of the ring. The Bullet Club controls the next couple of minutes in the match by isolating Dalton Castle in their corner. After taking turns beating Dalton down separately and then together. Adam Coles hits a shining wizard on Castle for a near fall. Cody asks to be tagged in and he accidentally hits the beautiful disaster kick on Cole. The kick sends Adam Cole to the outside floor. When he recovers, Cody tries to tag him back into the match but Adam Cole refuses. He instead curses out Cody and leaves the match and heads towards the back.

When the show returns from the break. Cody is attempting to go it alone and ends up eating a suplex from Castle. Dalton tags in Daniels. The ROH champ tries to put Cody away but is unable to do so. Rhodes hits a face buster on Daniels and he then knocks Dalton Castle off the apron, who falls on top of his boys at ringside. Cody then attempts to beat Daniels with “Angels Wings” but Daniels counters with a judo throw suplex. Daniels then attempts the BME but Cody manages to avoid it. Moments later, Daniels sets up Cody for “Angels Wings”, when Adam Cole returns and superkicks Daniels in the back of the head. Cole then hits the last shot on Daniels and tells Cody to finish off the champ. Which is exactly what Cody does when he hits Daniels with “Cross Rhodes” and pins him.

Cody and Adam Cole defeat Christopher Daniels and Dalton Castle

After the match, Adam Cole tells Cody that this was part of his plan all along. Cody and Cole too sweet and hug each other. The Young Bucks arrive and all 4 members of the Bullet Club celebrate the victory. Cody grabs the ROH world title and steps on top of a fallen Christopher Daniels. Meanwhile at the broadcast table, Jay Lethal says that he wants to get up and have a word with Daniels in the ring…. When Lethal makes his way to the ring, He passes the Bullet Club on the ramp way and doesn’t even acknowledge them. The Bullet Club leave while Lethal confronts Daniels inside the ring. Jay Lethal starts yelling at Daniels for letting Cody into their world title match at the pay-per-view. Daniels tells Lethal that if he is as good as he say he is, that winning a 3 way match shouldn’t be an issue. Both men continue to argue and start shoving one another. Cody returns and attacks both men from behind. He then attempts to hit Cross Rhodes on Jay but Lethal breaks free and ends up hitting ‘Lethal Injection’ on Cody and Christopher Daniels at the same time. Jay Lethal picks up the ROH World title and stares at both Rhodes and Daniels, while they are both laid out.

The show ends with a promo for the War of The Worlds PPPV. The video package runs down the entire lineup for this Friday Night’s show in New York City.

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