Ring Of Honor TV results from 5/4/17

Here are the results from today’s (Thurs. May 4, 2017) Ring Of Honor (ROH) TV episode (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):



The show opens with a video lead in hyping this week’s 4 corner survival match, with the winner challenging for The ROH World Title, at the War of the Worlds PPV on March 12th.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are at ringside on commentary again this week. They preview the show’s main event and the ramifications of it leading into the next pay-per-view.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia) w/TK O’Ryan vs. Coast to Coast (Shaheem Ali & LSG)

TK O’Ryan is on crutches supporting his Kingdom partners. Taven and Marseglia attack Coast to Coast at the bell. Ali and LSG fight them off. Shaheem and LSG then take to the air, Ali hits a suicide dive on The Kingdom and LSG follows that up with a twisting corkscrew pescado. Coast to Coast continue their momentum inside the ring, utilizing their tandem offense. The tide turns against them, when they attempt to set up Marseglia in the corner in the tree of woe. They then head to the top to execute their two man coast to coast move, only to see Taven intercept LSG by super kicking him in mid-air. With LSG down, Taven and Marseglia double team Ali. Taven DDT’s Ali and Marseglia hits a top rope swanton. When Taven attempts to pin Ali, Marseglia breaks up the referee’s count, and tells Taven to send Christopher Daniels a message. Taven then finishes off Ali by hitting Daniels “Angel’s Wings” finisher and pinning him.

The Kingdom defeats Coast to Coast

Matt Taven is scheduled to face Christopher Daniels for the ROH World Championship on May 10th at ‘War of The Worlds’ Dearborn. Just two days prior to the pay-per-view.

Highlights are then shown of The Young Bucks-Hardys ladder match from Supercard of Honor….. The Young Bucks now make their way to the ring. Matt gets on the mic first and talks about their victory over the Hardy’s. He says that it was the greatest ladder match of all time, and that he and his brother Nick got back the ROH titles, as well as their superkick titles. Nick Jackson then gets on the mic, and points out their recent issues with Adam Cole. Matt says that the differences between the Bucks and Cole have been ironed out, and that the Bullet Club is 4 Life. The Bucks then issue an open challenge to any tag team in the world. Nick Jackson starts running off some tag teams to potentially challenge them. Nick mentions Demolition and The Rock and Roll Express. Nick then mentions the Revival. He says “It sure as hell, doesn’t mean The Revival”. He then throws out Billy and Chuck as possible challengers to them.

Just then over the sound system. The crowd hears “Ladies and Gentleman, The Squad has arrived”…. Mike Mondo and Kenny Doane appear in their spirit attire. Mondo claims that The Squad has winning tag titles domestically and all over the world, and that they have come to ROH to take the Bucks tag team championships. Mondo and Kenny head inside the ring and get superkicked in stereo by the Jacksons. Matt tells the Squad that they accept the Squad’s challenge but will face them next week on TV.

After the break, Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni reset the show from ringside. They talk about what just transpired with The Young Bucks and then cue to a video package from last week’s show, where Matt Sydal made his Ring of Honor return and challenged Marty Scurll.

“Reborn” Matt Sydal vs. Flip Gordon

This is not your typical enhancement match. The announcers work hard to get Flip and his background over, and spend time comparing Gordon to a young Sydal. Flip Gordon is a former Idaho State mascot from Montana. He has taken part in ROH’s seminars and tryout camps in the past…. Gordon gets off to a good start in this one. He’s locked up by Sydal in a collar and elbow tie up but but ends up doing 10 straight kip ups. This endears him to the crowd and he actually starts getting his name chanted throughout the match. Sydal shows a more aggressive side and some frustration when Gordon escapes his barrage of strikes. Flip hits a nice looking springboard neckbreaker on Sydal. He follows that up with a Pele kick and a standing moonsault. A frustrated Sydal counters with some stiff kicks and a standing moonsault of his own. After several counters and reversals by both men, Sydal strikes down Gordon with a high knee. Sydal tries to go to the top rope to hit his finish but Gordon recovers and leaps onto the ropes and kicks Sydal in the back of the head. This leads to a near pin fall by Gordon. A frustrated Sydal finally puts a stop to Flip Gordon’s flurry of offense when he delivers a stiff crescent kick to his head. During his fall to the mat, Gordon’s head into the second rope. He’s down and out and Sydal finishes him off with his signature “Air Sydal” shooting star press.

Matt Sydal defeats Flip Gordon by pinfall

When the match ends, The Villain runs out and tries to attack Sydal from behind. The Villain attempts to put Sydal in his chicken wing submission but Sydal breaks free and kicks Scurll in the head.

It’s “officially” announced that ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll will defend his TV title against Matt Sydal at The War of The World PPV next Friday.

When the show returns from the break. Adam Cole is interviewed on the stage area by Ian Riccaboni. Cole grabs the mic and tells Ian to shut up before he can ask him any questions. Cole updates the current state of The Bullet Club. He apologizes for attempting to fire The Young Bucks and says that it was a mistake. Cole promises to prove that the Bullet Club is stronger than ever, when he and Cody team up next week against Daniels and Castle. Cole closes the promo by calling The Bullet Club, the greatest faction of all time.

A highlight package airs of the current Daniels feud with ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody….. The ROH World Champion joins Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni at ringside for the main event. Daniels has brought with him, his appletini, when Cabana asks him if he is allowed to drink while working. Daniels says that he received approval from the state of Maryland to be able to drink and commentate at the same time. When asked by Cabana, whom he would least want to see win the upcoming 4 corner survival match. Daniels logically picks Hangman Page. He states that the Bullet Club members of Cody and Hangman would just end up double teaming him.

4 Corner Survival Match
Jay Lethal vs. Adam ‘Hangman’ Page vs. Silas Young vs. Jay White

This is a tornado style match with the winner being guaranteed a world title shot at The War of The Worlds PPV….. The action is hot and heavy throughout. It starts with Jay White suplexing and stacking Lethal, Young and Page into one corner. Moments later, Silas Young takes control briefly after laying out White and Lethal with cutters. Hangman Page hits a wicked lariat on Young to temporarily eliminate him from the equation. Page then turns his sights to Lethal and attempts his Rite of Passage reverse piledriver from the top rope. Silas Young and Jay White join Lethal and Page up top. It leads to Lethal power bombing Page from the top, while Page double superplexes White and Young at the same time. All 4 men are down, as the show heads to break.

When the show returns, After Lethal and Jay White take each other out. The two heels now go one on one. Silas Young spits on Page’s chest. The Hangman’s response is licking up Young’s saliva and spitting it right back at him. This leads to a strike fest between the two heels. Silas wins the exchange and hits a rolling firemen’s carry on Page. Silas then attempts his top rope plunge but gets superkicked by Hangman. Page has little time to celebrate as Jay White knocks him down with a missile dropkick from the top rope. Moments later, Jay Lethal and Silas are battling on the ring apron, when White and Page end up joining them. White ends up getting the better of all three of his opponents. Jay hits a suicide dive and a top rope senton onto them, as the show heads to it’s final break.

When the action returns, The two Jay’s are going blow for blow inside the ring. Lethal gets the better of White and hits the Lethal Combo. When he attempts to hit the “Hail to the King” elbow drop. Silas Young pushes him off the top rope. Silas then goes after Lethal on the outside and sends him crashing into the steel barricade. Meanwhile, in the ring… Hangman Page tries to take advantage of a fallen Jay White. He connects with a springboard lariat and sets up for the Rite of Passage. White is able to escape but Silas Young comes into the ring and takes out both White and Page with his signature Plunge move. Just as Silas appears to be on the verge of victory, Jay Lethal rushes back into the ring and hits the Lethal Injection on Young and secures the victory.

Jay Lethal wins 4 Corner Survival to earn an ROH World Championship Match at The War of The Worlds Pay Per View

After the match. Cody makes his way to the stage area. He is wearing a Christopher Daniels “Destiny” shirt. The show ends with Cody, Lethal and Daniels in a staredown.

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