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Ring of Honor wants to bring in CM Punk on-board

Ring of Honor was where CM Punk cemented himself as an exceptional pro-wrestler and caught the attention of the WWE. The former ROH Champion has since then gone on to become a worldwide sensation and has captured multiple world titles in the WWE. However, after his issues with the WWE, Punk seems to have abandoned pro-wrestling for good.

Interestingly, Wrestling Observer reports that Ring of Honor wishes to bring their former champion on board. ROH has emerged as the no2 wrestling promotion in North America with megastars like the Bullet Club/The Elite. Punk’s addition to the ROH roster might end up hurting the big leagues in a very big way.

According to this report, ROH has made attempts to sign the Best in the World already. Whether or not Punk has responded is currently unknown.


  • Arnold Jackson

    Yeah he said NORTH AMERICA, not America. Clear difference there, ROH isn’t there. I’d say Impact still has a solid case for being #2 in The US based on TV views and PPV view. ROH I would imagine has much better merchandise sales and House show attendance. You could combine both those companies and they’d still follow the best company based in Mexico though.

  • Rinn13

    I think it’s pretty clear when you talk about “Top Companies” in America, you’re talking about America, The United States. Not Canada, not Mexico. For one thing, Canada doesn’t even have any BIG promotions anymore. And while Mexico has two, and AAA funds/runs Lucha Underground, ROH is in fact a bigger deal in the states than LU. I’m not a huge ROH fan, just saying.

    Also, lest we forget TNA/Impact, while they’ve had their major struggles lately, they are still a a major promotion with a dedicated audience, PPV events, and bigger-than-most-indies crowds (usually). I think it’s fair to say that ROH surpassed them while they were in the process of falling, thanks mostly to Dixie and Co. But Impact has also been rebuilding their company and roster, getting some good names and top shelf talent, and vastly improving their product and image lately. I think it would not be outside the realm of possibility that Impact eventually gets back to being “#2” in America.

    But for now? Yeah, ROH is pretty much #2.

  • Arnold Jackson

    How did you decide ROH was #2 in NORTH AMERICA? That’s a pretty lofty position for that company. Are they #2 in TV views? No. Are they #2 in House Show attendance? Definitely not even close. Are they #2 in PPV views? No. You realize North America includes Mexico and Canada right? Just saying you might want to look into those numbers down south, as they have a pretty big company or two down there.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I would laugh my butt off saying how the mighty has fallen.

  • CC

    It ain’t gonna happen.

  • Mike the Ike

    Is this what he looks like right now? Geez. Grab a razor dude, you look like a back alley bum looking for a pair of shoes to steal.