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Road Dogg now working full-time with WWE’s NXT brand

Road Dogg

Brian James, known on screen as the Road Dogg Jesse James, resigned from his position as SmackDown Live co-lead writer last month. Reportedly, he stepped down due to frustration with Vince McMahon. It was eventually revealed that, though he had left his position, he wasn’t walking away from WWE.

Now, we know what the WWE Hall of Famer will be doing from here on out. PWInsider has reported that James is working full-time with NXT. He’s been working at the Performance Center for a month now and will continue to help the newer generation of stars.

It hasn’t been revealed what his official role will be with NXT, but with his experience on the main roster, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him working with the creative team. James also made a cameo on the WWE Combine on the WWE Network yesterday where NXT superstars face off in various athletic trials.

  • CC

    I guess he feels working with HHH is more to his liking.
    Weirdly though, he left the SD writing position due to frustrations with Vince, yet if anyone calls out a lousy decision by WWE (the Viking Experience springs to mind), he will shoot you down on social media telling you that you are wrong. Kinda makes you wonder if he is the one making some of these bad decisions and is actually defending himself rather than WWE.