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Road Dogg Responds To Fans Criticizing The WWE Survivor Series PPV Event

WWE producer “Road Dogg” BG James responded to several fans who criticized Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. Check out some of his tweets here:

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Their supposed to come off as “dismissive” and/or “convoluted”. DO you really think a WWE employee would give you a straight up answer? That would be spoiling storylines, as well as the companies architecture… the way they run their business.

  • Keith Learmonth

    He is right about the TV ratings being archaic now. Because I’ll bet that nearly as many people pirate episodes of raw as watch them live. It’s why WWE cares so much about social media and things lately… those make it easier to gauge audience engagement than TV ratings do now.

  • CC

    I am a fan of Road Dogg, but these comments just come off as dismissive of fans, and a corporate boot licker.
    One guy points out that Reigns keeps getting screwed over, and his answer is that the fan just wants him to win .. that was not what the fan said.

    Another one he tells the guy “we cant please everyone at once”, well from what I can see, they pleased absolutely nobody with that title match outcome. At least nobody who does not work for WWE.

    Yes fans can be bitchy, but that does not mean there is no validity in what some say and should be shot down like they mean nothing, especially when in these cases the fans were being respectful and polite in they way they put their point across.