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Road Dogg Says Wins And Losses Don’t Count, It’s All About The Character In WWE

Former WWE star and now agent Road Dogg responded to a fan on Twitter who was complaining that Kevin Owens lost recently on WWE television and that there are not enough heels in WWE.

Road Dogg responded with this tweet:

  • reed richards

    so why has roman never lost clean? that’s what sucks about wwe, there whole philosophy is pretty hypocritical and lame. there bread and butter is a lack of style and integrity. look, i watch the show but not cause i love wwe as a company. i love wrestling and i have an investment in the men and women who love the art form and want to perform. the wwe style in my opinion in itself is corny and not for me.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Of course he means that… as it’s all storyline to begin with. Each Character has to built themselves. Too bad the public is too naive to know the difference. Wins and Losses don’t count, the wrestlers still get paid either way for the match. Yes, it’s all about the Character, otherwise the wrestlers don’t have a storyline for the performance, it’s not all wrestling… nor about winning or loosing the match as long as you keep the audience interested. If the audience is silent, you got nothing.

  • CC

    He really does tow the company line like a pro. If his statement were true, the main eventers like John Cena are nobodies, and the jobbers like Heath Slater are the top guys.