Road Warrior Animal Comments on His Brother, WWE’s John Laurinaitis

– Road Warrior Animal appeared on the show this week to promote the new Road Warrior’s book. Animal spoke about his brother, WWE executive John Laurinaitis, and had the following to say:



“Everybody asks me that all the time. ‘Animal, how come you’re not in that office? Your brother is in the office. How can he not get you a job? You started him in the wrestling business.’ I say it’s probably the worst thing I could have done is have a brother in the wrestling business that has made it to be vice president (in WWE) because I’ll never get a job with that fact… I get calls from guys everyday that tell me my brother is brutal in the office. Brutal. But what am I gonna say? He’s my brother. I love him. He’s my brother. What am I gonna say? ‘Well, yeah. OK.’ I’m not there. That’s one thing about me. I don’t talk about things I’m not present for in the wrestling business. When I talk to my brother today, I don’t even talk about wrestling. I’ve given up on trying to get a job behind the scenes in WWE. It ain’t gonna happen. I don’t want it to happen anymore. Do I want to give back to the wrestling business? Absolutely, man. I’m a coach. That’s what I do by nature. I’m a coach. Do I think I could be down in (WWE developmental company) FCW and be one of the best trainers they ever had down there? Absolutely. When I was down there, I was one of the best coaches they had. But you can only beat a dead horse so much, man. Unfortunately, a lot of times in this business, I learned – especially in this company – if it’s not their idea, they’re not having it. Like you said, if you weren’t their original product, things weren’t taken to the extreme they should have been. But I learned. I tried for years to battle it and battle it and battle it and say why, why, why. I’ve given up on it.”

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