Road Warrior Animal Has Magazine Clarify His Views On WWE’s Drug Policy

It was reported last month that WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal was removed as the guest host of a slate of recent Raw live events due to WWE’s belief that he was critical of their drug testing policy in a recently published interview with Power Slam magazine.



An article was published online pertaining to his comments regarding WWE’s Wellness Policy. The multi-time tag team champion stated during a subsequent interview with Minneapolis based sports radio station KFAN Sports Radio AM 1130 that his remarks were taken out of context by the writer of the online article. He also contacted Power Slam to publish a clarification regarding his views on WWE’s drug testing policy.

“My true feelings are that it is one of the most stringent drug testing policies in all of pro sports, and there’s no way that any athlete can beat it,” Animal says in the latest issue of Power Slam. “I was in no way slamming WWE, who gave me a great induction into the Hall of Fame. I support WWE’s Wellness policy and all the other things they do for all their athletes.”

Animal participated in an interview with the magazine days before his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and was asked about how important the larger-than-life, steroid-enhanced physiques were to the image of The Road Warriors. He was also asked if the team would have been the same force had they debuted in the modern WWE era where performers are drug tested.

“Let’s be totally honest with people right now. Look at the guys that are in [WWE] now. If anybody thinks that everybody there is 100-percent clean, they’ve got be smoking something,” he replied.

“I know they get drug tested and they do catch people, and people do get suspended, but I really don’t believe that everybody gets drug tested on the same level. I know the look of a person who looks like they’ve been on or off [steroids].”

“When we took them, it was totally legal to carry them on you.”

Animal stated last week during an interview with that his brother John Laurinaitis, who reigns as WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, informed him that WWE had decided to cancel his scheduled live event appearances due to his aforementioned remarks. He added that he has not spoken to WWE since.

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