Rob Gronkowski Posts Tom Brady Bedroom Photo

Former WWE star Rob Gronkowski recently shared his thoughts on Tom Brady’s recent thirst trap photo. Tom Brady recently lost a social media bet which led him to pose in underwear. He then tagged Rob Gronkowski to ask if he did it right. The former Buccaneer spoke to ET on Fox’s Sports Day about how he thinks Brady didn’t do the thirst trap right.



Rob Gronkowski opens up on Tom Brady

Rob let everyone know that Brady was covering up a bit too much in his photo. He iterated that the ‘package’ has to be shown off to make the thirst trap work. He praised the NFL legend for looking great and admitted to being shocked when he saw the image for the first time.

“I don’t think he did it right… his hand is not in the right place. He’s covering up a little bit. You’re not supposed to be covering up! That’s what’s supposed to be showing. You gotta show the package, Tom.”

Gronkowski was initially taken aback by the photo Brady posted on Twitter. However, he said that’s what he likes about the quarterback. Brady’s ability to throw curveballs as a personality makes him a great guy to be around and have fun with. Tom posted the thirst trap after failing to win a challenge he took on Twitter. He promised that he’d recreate the June 2022 Brady Brand marketing campaign of men in their underwear if the tweet promoting the images got 40,000 likes. Tom Brady is all set to be a lead NFL analyst for Fox Sports after his retirement.

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