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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife Maria Shriver’s divorce in 2011, which followed his affair with their housekeeper, Mildred Baena, has remained a notable part of their history. In a recent appearance on his friend Rob Lowe’s podcast, “Literally!,” Schwarzenegger jokingly suggested that Lowe had sided with Shriver in the divorce.



During the podcast, Schwarzenegger humorously claimed that since his divorce from Maria, Rob Lowe had not been around as much. To this, Lowe quipped, “I think she got custody.” Schwarzenegger continued to jest that Lowe wanted to prove his loyalty to Shriver over him.

The former bodybuilder acknowledged that he and Lowe had a lot of fun times together and that Lowe used to visit their home frequently. He expressed missing those moments and hoped that Lowe might one day decide to spend time with him again without fearing Shriver’s disapproval.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver were married in 1986 and had a relatively amicable relationship after their separation, sharing four children together. Schwarzenegger also fathered a son, Joseph Baena, with their housekeeper in 1997.

In a recent interview with People, Schwarzenegger openly discussed his extramarital affair and admitted his mistake. He emphasized that his relationship with Maria will continue and that they remain focused on their children’s well-being and maintaining clear communication despite their separate relationships.

“Let the story be told that since I got divorced from Maria, you haven’t been around much,” Schwarzenegger guffawed.

“I think she got custody,” the “West Wing” alum replied.

The ex-bodybuilder went on: “You wanted to prove to her that you’re loyal to her and not to me.”

“So, because even though we didn’t have any of those things, we always had friends that were loyal to me and to her, and they didn’t get involved in all of this stuff,” Schwarzenegger said.

“But I mean, you did,” he teased. “It was, like, unbelievable how all of a sudden I said to Maria, ‘Why is Rob not showing up?’”