Rob Van Dam Reveals Whether He Thinks WWE Or TNA Is Better, Rips WWE’s ECW Product

During an interview with Empire Wrestling Radio, Rob Van Dam said he feels WWE’s product “is king” and the only real selling point for TNA is “saying they’re not WWE.”



“I think when you talk about the product, you have a lot to consider. WWE is king. A lot of fans are turning toward TNA just because TNA’s strongest point is ‘Hey, we’re not WWE.’ When you see WWE arenas packed all the way to the roof and when you see TNA’s crowd, you know who is king,” Van Dam said.

He also took shots at WWE’s version of Extreme Championship Wrestling, saying they will have to change the brand name soon because they “made it suck.”

“They took a product that was superior in originality and they watered down to make it mean the same as one of their lesser show, and then eventually mean even (less),” he said. “It has no connection or affiliation now whatsoever with the original ECW. In fact, I heard they’re going to stop doing it real soon because they made it suck so bad.”

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