Robert De Niro Gets Punished After Trump Attack

The National Association of Broadcaster has rescinded an award intended for Robert De Niro following his contentious remarks at a Biden campaign event outside the courthouse where former President Trump was being tried for hush money dealings. De Niro was set to receive the NAB Leadership Foundation’s Service to America Award in Washington, D.C. next Tuesday, but the honor was revoked due to his heated comments.



During the event, De Niro’s impassioned speech against Trump was interrupted by a heckler wearing a MAGA hat, leading to a heated exchange between the actor and the heckler. The incident, caught on camera, prompted the NAB to withdraw the award, citing concerns that De Niro’s recent actions could overshadow the philanthropic focus of the event.

“Do we want him running this country,” the actor said, “and saying, ‘I’m not leaving, I’m dictator for life’?” Speaking in support of a new, anti-Trump ad blitz by the Biden campaign, De Niro said he hoped to remind voters about “what a danger he [Trump] is to our lives.”

An NAB spokesperson emphasized the organization’s commitment to bipartisanship and the celebration of local broadcasters’ impactful work, expressing regret that De Niro’s involvement would potentially detract from this mission.

In response, De Niro expressed appreciation for the NAB Leadership Foundation’s work and wished them continued success in their endeavors.

The NAB hosts various events and conferences, including the NAB Show, which serves as a key gathering for professionals in the media, entertainment, and technology industries. De Niro was slated to receive the top individual award for his charitable contributions and public service during the 2024 Celebration of Service to America Awards on June 4th.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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