Robert Roode has returned on Monday Night RAW

This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW kicked off with Drew McIntyre with the WWE legends who assisted him during Clash Of Champions. He then issued an open challenge later on during the show.



McIntyre had a condition for his open challenge – only those who had never faced him for the WWE Championship were able to challenge him now. Fans were wondering who would come out and answer McIntyre’s challenge.

Then suddenly, Robert Roode’s music started and he made his return to RAW. Fans were elated at his return as he answered McIntyre’s challenge for the WWE Title.

Roode was moved to RAW back in June, but due to the travel bans, he was unable to travel from Canada. We will have to see how their feud will be booked.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter has been a huge pro wrestling fan since 2002, and it's been his first love ever since then. He has years of writing experience for all things pro wrestling. His interests outside of wrestling include films, books and soccer.

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