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The Rock reportedly encouraged Nia Jax to walk out of Raw

Nia Jax

We noted before how there were rumors that Nia Jax had also walked out of Raw due to being unhappy with her recent booking, similar to the former Cruiserweight Champion Neville.

Shortly after these reports came out Wrestling Observer had reported that these rumors are overblown and Jax had taken time off to rest up since she wasn’t involved in any top storyline.

However, a new report from Sports Illustrated has repeated its previous claims about Nia. It says that she took advice from her cousin the Rock and upon receiving encouragement from him, she walked out of the company.

It’s worth mentioning here that Sports Illustrated had reported last week that Nia Jax was unhappy with her pay and the way she has been booked by the company recently.

At this point, she is expected to work on WWE’s European tour which starts on November 1st but we should wait and see whether or not the former NXT star actually returns to the company next month.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I feel like a wrestling publication would be more credible of a source than a sports publication lol. And I doubt The Rock would encourage her to walk out, unless it was a distressing family matter.