The Rock reveals which current stars he would like to face

Many believe that the Great One The Rock still has a few matches left in him and there is a long list of current WWE stars people want him to face.



However, during a recent Q&A session The former World Champion revealed which are the stars he himself wants to face if he returns to action.

Rock was asked who he wants to wrestle and answering the question the Attitude Era Star took the name of not one but three currently active WWE Stars:

“One would be Triple H, The Game, The other would be The Beast Brock Lesnar. The other one would be a guy that actually just needs my foot in his ass, Roman Reigns. Yeah,”

It’s worth mentioning here that Roman Reigns has also spoken positively about a bout with the Rock in the past and since it’d be a huge money match, it wouldn’t be a surprise if these two end up facing each other somewhere down the line.

You can watch the video of the Q&A session below:

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