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ROH Death Before Dishonor XIV PPV Results 8/19/16

Here are the results for Ring of Honor’s DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR XIV pay-per-view (PPV) event yesterday. (Courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)


ROH TV highlights are shown of what has transpired between these 4 and the backstory heading into this ppv. Kamaitachi and Dijak start off the match presumably but instead they attack White and Rush on the aprons and start attacking them. White and Rush battle back and hit stereo suicide dives on Dijak and Kamaitachi. Rush and White go at it inside the ring. Frantic pace between these two. Both heels get involved. Dijak manhandles Rush on the outside while Kamaitachi and White are the legal men in the ring. Dijak joins Kamaitachi in the ring and they double team White as McGuinness is criticizing the ref for losing control of this match. A recovered Jay White takes out both Dijak and Kamaitachi with running uppercuts. Lio is back in the ring and goes 100 miles an hour, using his speed and agility to take out all 3 of his opponents with aerial moves. Prompting a Holy chant from the crowd. Rush struggles to get Donovan back in the ring. He ends up going after Kamaitachi. Dijak gets in the rung and hits Rush with a choke slam neck breaker. Fast paced back and forth action. All 4 men are now down. Kamaitachi rises and goes to the top rope and drops a leg on White to put him down on the outside floor. Meanwhile in the ring, Dijak presses Rush and throws him on top of White and Kamaitachi outside the ring. Dijak then planchas on top of all 3 men. Back in the ring, Lio Rush goes on a frantic pace hitting a flurry of moves on all three men but he is eventually caught by Dijak with a big boot. Donovan Dijak follows with the Feast your eyes finish for the victory.


Recap video shown of Silas Young and his challenge to Shibata. Hyping this next match.


Kevin Kelly on commentary talks about the vicious rampage, Shibata went on at the last day of the G1 in Japan. The expressionless Shibata in the ring here vs the animated Young. They start with a simple collar and elbow tie up and some mat wrestling. Basically the calm before the storm. Silas Young decides to get into a striking battle with Shibata as the fans chant you f’d up at Young. Shibata goes for the penalty kick but Young avoids it. He then gets a rear naked choke on Silas but he gets out of it. Young gets the advantage and starts to go to work on Shibata’s heavily taped and injured shoulder. Nigel criticizes Young on commentary for his hesitation and why Young applies a Boston Crab while he should be targeting Shibata’s shoulder. Young starts striking a fallen Shibata and he starts to egg Silas on to hit him some more. Shibata revs up as does the crowd. He rises to his feet and starts striking Young. Young spits in Shibata’s face. An enraged Shibata starts showering Young with elbows, kicks and then a hesitation drop kick in the corner. Shibata then hits a take over suplex for a 2 count. This is followed by an abdominal stretch. Young breaks free but eats a knee. Young starts to stand toe to toe with Shibata and trade shots. Young hits a backbreaker and lariat for a 2 count. Young hits a cutter in the center of the ring and covers Shibata for a near fall. He then hits a rolling firearm carry and a plunge off of the top for what really looked like a 3 count by the ref. Shibata counters a Young suplex, hits a few strikes and then applies a rear naked choke. Shibata releases the choke and hits the penalty kick on Silas Young for the victory. Goodnight Mr. Young.


Post match, Silas Young is surprisingly back on his feet. He and Shibata exchange strikes and then shake hands to the applause of the crowd.


The Minister of Information, Caprice Coleman joins Kelly and Nigel on commentary for this match. Rocky Romero starts the match with one of the sons of the legendary Haku, Tanga Loa. Brief exchange between Romero and Loa before Beretta is tagged in. Toru Yano tags in and here’s where the comedy starts. Tama Tonga is in the ring with Yano and begins a cat and mouse chase. Romero is back in and hits a succession of lariats on Tonga. Beretta tags in and fakes out the crowd by pretending to be setting up for a high flying move only to jump off the rope and hit a simple kick. Crowd plays along and does a holy chant. Trent tags in Rocky. The Bullet Club regains control of the match and tag in and out to work on Romero. After a few minutes, Romero battles back and makes the hot tag to Beretta. He knocks Loa and Tonga off of the apron and then hits a tornado ddt on Takahashi. Roppongi Vice hits their tandem finish on Yujiro but the pin attempt is broken up by Tonga. Yano is in the ring with Yujiro now and is up to his old bag of tricks. He loosens the turnbuckle pad. Yano struggles with it. Beretta gets him clippers to finish the job. Yujiro goes right into the exposed turnbuckle. Yano then tries to beat up the Club with the turnbuckle pad but it backfires. Loa and Tonga hit Geurilla Warfare on Yano who surprisingly kicks out. Vice is back in the ring to aid Yano. All 6 men battling in the ring. Vice gets the advantage. Meanwhile, the legal men in the ring are Yujiro and Yano. Yujiro hits the pimp juice on Toru for a 2 count. Yujiro gets catapulted into the exposed turnbuckle and then hits a double low blow on Yujiro followed by an inside cradle for the vitory.


Post match, The Bullet Club attacks Yano and Roppongi Vice. They lay them out. Arriving on the scene is Hangman Page who tries to hang Yano with his noose. Jay Briscoe comes out to make the save. This prompts the anything goes match between Jay and Page to start.



ROH had time issues at the last ppv and were forced to cut their main event short so you can see the booking behind this one. Trying to save time by rushing to this. Both Jay Briscoe and Page start this match with dueling chairs. Jay gets the early advantage and sends Page to the outside. He then hits a suicide dive through the barricade on Page. Jay runs into the crowd and celebrates with the audience. He then suplexes Page on the ramp way. Action now back in the ring. Jay is choking out Page. Hangman is eventually able to turn the tables with a chair shot. He then begins choking Jay Briscoe with the noose using the ropes as added leverage. Action back on the outside. Page power bombs Jay through a steel chair on the arena floor. Page then ties Jay’s hands to the barricade with the noose. He grabs a steel chair and hits Jay with it. The ref calls off Page and unties Jay from the barricade. Meanwhile, Page sets up a table at ringside. Page looks to drive Jay through the table but he escapes. Page then brings a chair into the ring but it backfires when Jay hits a death valley driver on him landing on the steel chair in the ring. Both men start exchanging strikes in the ring. Page spits in Jay’s face. This enrages him and he snaps and applies and hits a neck breaker on Page with a steel chair wrapped around his neck. Jay then sets up a chair between the 2nd and 3rd rope. He puts Page’s head up against it. Grabs the noose, wraps it around Page’s head and chair. He ties his head to the chair in the corner. Jay hits three straight running splashes into Page. Jay hits a lariat and somehow, Page kicks out after all that damage. Shocking. Both men battle to the outside now and then back into the ring. Page hits a springboard lariat on Jay for a near fall. Page has the noose and now tries to hang Jay over the top rope but Jay blocks it and counters. Jay rolls to the outside of the ring. Page gets on the apron and does a running shooting star press only to be kicked in the head in mid air by Jay. Both men get back to the apron near the table at ringside. Page hits a jumping rite of passage driver on Jay Briscoe through the table. Page cuts up his knee on the table. Unbelievably the match continues. Jay Briscoe’s back has been lacerated by the table and he is bleeding. Page rolls Jay into the ring and Jay kicks out of yet another pin fall attempt. Page begins to choke Jay with the noose. Jay passes out but the ref doesn’t stop the match. Hangman Page picks up an unconscious Jay Briscoe and hits the Right of Passage on him for the victory.


That was a crazy match. Very impressive performance by both men specifically Page. Post match, both men are reeling inside the ring as they are being looked at by the trainers. A hype video is shown of the upcoming Okada-Castle match.


The IWGP heavyweight title is not on the line in this contest. The crowd gives Okada a huge chant as he enters the ring. Both men receive dueling chants. They both adhere to the code of honor and shake hands before the match. Castle tries to play mind games early on Okada. Kevin Kelly questions whether Okada is ripe for the picking because of coming off of the long 19 day G1 tournament. As Okada answers those questions early by out maneuvering Castle. Dalton’s boys get on the apron and start fanning Okada. The momentum eventually swings back in Castle’s favor. Dalton uses a ground styled attack on Okada working on Okada’s ribs and applies a body scissors submission. Okada battles back to his feet and hits a flap jack. He then hits a trademark standing drop kick on Castle which sends him crashing to the floor. The boys fan Castle down to try and get him to recover. This leads to Castle turning the tables and hitting a European upper cut and a suicide dive on Okada. Castle then hits a running bulldog for a near fall on Kazuchika. Castle then connects on three straight amateur styled suplexes. The 3rd leads to a german suplex into a bridge for another near fall. The Boys get dragged into the ring by Okada. Okada hits a top rope elbow drop on Dalton. Some comedy as Okada does the rainmaker signature move with the Boys mimicking him. Castle rises to his feet and hits his finisher but Okada rolls out the ring to avoid being pinned. Dalton brings Kazuchika into the ring to try and finish him but he can’t. Okada hits his signature drop kick. He then attempts the rain maker but it is countered, Okada counters Castle and hits a tombstone piledriver followed by the rainmaker for the victory.


Post match. Okada shakes hands with Castle. He then motions for the boys to come into the ring and all 4 pose together.

Preview video is shown for the upcoming ROH TV Title Match.


After the ring announcements. Both men surprisingly shake hands adhering to the code of honor. Especially considering the animosity between the two in the buildup to this. Fish and Briscoe spend the early portion of the match battling on the mat. Bobby gets the better of Mark early on with a couple of submission attempts. Mark battles back by winning a battle of strikes between the two. Evenly contested match with the story being that Fish is wrestling with strategy while Mark is competing with guts and his heart.Mark Briscoe hits a nice blockbuster off of the apron onto Fish on the outside. The crowd starts a let’s go chicken, let’s go fish chant. Mark Briscoe does a Cactus Jack elbow drop off the apron onto Fish, complete with the customary “Bang Bang” chant. Action is finally back in the ring. Mark is selling a back injury after his latest two high risk moves on the outside. He attempts a suplex on Fish but his back gives out. Fish now has the advantage and begins hitting Mark with strikes. Who questionably avoids blocking them and instead takes them on full blast. Fish hits a senton on Mark for a near fall. Mark battles back with a pele kick and a splash into the corner. He then hits a sick kick and the fishermen’s buster for a close near fall. Nigel calls the double move by Mark an homage to Roderick Strong. Mark goes to the top and hits the Froggie Bow for another close fall. Fish then connects on a falcon arrow and then gets a knee bar on Mark but he escapes. Mark hits a power bomb on Fish and then goes to the top rope and connects on another froggie bow for yet another close fall. Both men battle to the top rope. Mark attempts a fishermen superplex but it backfires, Fish counters and Mark lands on his head. Fish finishes up Mark with an exploder suplex and a falcon arrow to retain his TV title.


In a show of respect. Both men stare each other down and shake hands. Preview video is shown of the upcoming ROH tag title match. An interview by The Addiction hyping their greatness and this upcoming match.



Very cool and great response by the crowd towards Los Ingobernables during their entrance. Lukewarm response for Michael Elgin but not for Hiroshi Tanahashi. You would have thought that he was the returning ROH world champ and not Elgin judging by the crowd’s reaction. Matt Taven joins the commentary team for this match. Naito and Tanahashi start off this match. Many experts predicted that this would be the G1 final last weekend. Dueling chants for both men. Daniels tags himself in to boos from the crowd. Naito out smarts Daniels early on playing games with him. Naito arm drags Daniels over the top rope and then show boats to the delight of the crowd. Evil tags in. He goes to work on Daniels. Falls into Elgin who gets tagged in. Kazarian is in and Elgin hits a delayed vertical suplex on both of The Addiction. Tanahashi is tagged in, avoids a double team by The addiction and hits a cross body for a 2 count. Naito gets involved and hits Hiroshi from the apron. This helps The Addiction take control of the match and work on Hiroshi. Naito tags himself in and revels in beating down a weakened Tanahashi. Naito and Evil do some tandem offense on Hiroshi. In comes Daniels who tags himself in. Things start to break down between the two heel two teams and all 4 start brawling. LIJ wins this exchange with The Addiction. They now get back to beating down on Tanahashi. Elgin gets the hot tag. Kazarian sneaks his way into the ring but his timing is not good as he walks right into an Elgin barrage. Daniels tries to help Kaz but Elgin does a german suplex to the both of them at the same time. Elgin then grabs both LIJ members and does a fall away slam on both of them as well. The Addiction sneak into the ring and try to hit the Celebrity Rehab finish on Elgin but Hiroshi saves him. All 5 men begin brawling on the outside in the same area. Elgin recovers and hits a really impressive over the top rope tope on all 5 men. Crowd is in Elgin’s corner now….. Back in the ring, LIJ double teams Kazarian and Daniels. Hiroshi is in the ring now. He picks up Evil in a suplex position passes him off to Elgin who power slams him from the top for a near fall. Tanahashi and Elgin set up for a power bomb/high fly flow combo. All of a sudden, Kamaitachi runs out. He intercepts Tanahashi. While the ref is distracted, Daniels runs into the ring with the title belt but he accidentally knocks out Kazarian. Great finishing sequence. Tanahashi hits the high fly flow but as he was leaping onto Evil, Daniels tagged Hiroshi’s ankle. Tanahashi covers Evil but Daniels piggy backs him and picks up the victory.


Preview video shown for the upcoming Death Before Dishonor Main Event.



A determined looking Lethal is introduced. He doesn’t pose with the belt and his line of sight is clearly set on Adam Cole. Cole notably does not have any of his Bullet Club allies with him at ringside. No handshake in this one to start as to be expected. Adam Cole pulls out the locks of Lethal’s hair out of his trunks. He shows Jay the braids and Lethal snaps. Both men are in straight up brawl to start this one with the match mostly in Lethal’s favor. Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly go over the fact that 16 security members have been stationed at ringside as well as 16 security members backstage to prevent anyone from interfering. The brawl between Cole and Lethal ends up on the outside of the ring. Lethal hits a drop kick to the back of Adam Cole’s head. He starts searching underneath the ring for something but doesn’t find whatever he was looking for. Lethal brings Cole to the other side of the ring and hits another dropkick to the back of Cole’s head. He searched yet again to no avail. Cole starts to fight back as both men trade blows. Lethal wins the exchange hitting a cutter on Cole on the outside floor.

Jay Lethal drags a table out and drapes Cole over it. Lethal attempts a Randy Savage flying elbow drop off the top rope but he misses as Cole moves out of harms way. Lethal’s head is cut from the landing. Cole then rams Lethal’s head into the ring post. Now back in the ring, Cole is in control and applies a rear chin lock. Jay tries to fight back but Cole shuts him down quickly. Dueling chants for both men from the crowd. Lethal finally turns the tide with a leg lariat off the second rope. Jay hits a Death Valley Driver for a close fall. Cole rises to his feet but Lethal hits a springboard drop kick following by three straight suicide dives. Lethal goes for 2 more dives onto Cole and hits both. That’s 5 straight. A fired up Lethal goes for dive number six but this time, Cole side steps Jay and Lethal goes crashing into the barricade. Both men struggle back into the ring and start trading blows in the center of the ring. Cole gets the edge and spits in Lethal’s face and then hits a shining wizard for a close fall.

Adam Cole sets up for an HBK styled superkick complete with corner foot stomps. Lethal counters and hits a lariat. Lethal sets up for a Lethal Injection but Cole pulls the ref out of the way gets a low blow on Lethal. He then hits the last shot for a near fall where Lethal breaks up the count by getting his foot on the bottom rope. Dueling chants again for both men as both men start trading blows. Cole applies a guillotine choke on Jay Lethal. Using Kyle O’Reilly’s move to try and win the title. Kyle of course was injured by Cole. Lethal counters and hits a Lethal combination to break the hold. Lethal then hits three straight suplexes on Cole. He climbs to the top rope and hits the “hail to the king” elbow drop for a near fall. Both men are now trading kicks in the middle of the ring and knock each other out. Adam Cole goes to the top rope to try and hit the destroyer. Lethal counters with a Lethal Injection. He then sets up to try another one. Cole counters and hits the destroyer. Followed by the last shot for an extremely close near fall. A frustrated Cole starts beating on Lethal and taunting him. Lethal jumps up and hits The Lethal Injection for close fall. As both men struggle to rise from the mat. Cole gives Lethal a double middle finger. Lethal charges him, Cole rolls him up and holds the tights for a near fall. Adam then hits a shining wizard followed by another Last shot for the victory. We got a new ROH champion.


Post match. ROH Owner Cary Silkin begrudgingly presents Adam Cole with The ROH World Title. As Cole is celebrating. Kyle O’ Reilly attacks Adam Cole in the ring and poses with the ROH title. Kyle O’Reilly stands over Cole as the ppv goes off the air.