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Roman Reigns believes AEW is not competition for WWE

Roman Reigns is one of the top superstars in WWE and he is well aware of everything that happens in the pro wrestling world outside of WWE. He knows Jon Moxley is no longer in WWE for a reason, but he is not worried about AEW.

WWE is the largest pro wrestling company in the world right now and it is safe to say that will never change nor will it ever be taken down at this point.

While speaking to The Sportster Roman Reigns said that AEW is not competition for WWE.

“I’ll just say this. It’s all so new and it was what it was with Ambrose leaving and popping up over there… Competition? No, there’s no competition.”

“WWE, we know exactly what we’re doing. We have the best talent in the world. There’s no comparing, I say that with firm confidence, all the way from the top to the very bottom. .. We are world class all the way through.”

Reigns said that he and Moxley will always be close, even if they work in different promotions. AEW has all the momentum in the world right now and once the promotion makes their debut on TNT, perhaps it will become competition for WWE.

  • The Leviathan

    Can AEW complete 1 full year on TNT before we anoint them as a threat and this as a war?

  • The Leviathan

    He is right.

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    People have to realize that’s there’s a difference between AEW being successful and AEW being “competition”. If AEW’s concern is only winning some fictional war with WWE (as opposed to being a success in its own right), then they’re never going to get where they want to go.

    The goal should be to create a product that can be recognized and discussed without WWE having to be referenced at all.

  • CC

    He is right to a degree. From the off they will not be competition, and only time will tell whether they will be in the future.
    When TNA tried to go head to head with WWE, their viewing figures did go up (although not as high as predicted) and it had zero effect on WWE.

    As the shows will be on different nights, initially there is absolutely no reason for any fans to jump ship as they can watch both promotions live without any conflict. Given time though, if AEW proves its worth and consistantly puts on great shows, that is when the frustrated WWE fans will just give up on watching RAW and Smackdown.