Roman Reigns to make big announcement regarding SummerSlam next week

WWE announced on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw that Roman Reigns will make a big announcement regarding his plans for SummerSlam next week on Raw.



The same was confirmed by the official Twitter handle of the company when they made a tweet stating that Reigns has a Major Announcement coming next week:

Since this announcement, there have been lots of talks as what this could mean, but nobody is sure what WWE is planning for the Big Dog for their second biggest event of the year.

It’s worth noting here that Roman did not appear on Raw this week though he wrestled in a dark match afterwards where he defeated the eater of worlds Bray Wyatt.

Now it’d be interesting to see what Roman Reigns is up to and what position does he get in the card for Summerslam, considering that all big stars of Raw roster seem to be engaged in various feuds at the moment.

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