Roman Reigns Breaks Character In Sami Zayn Wife Video

On May 27, Sami Zayn achieved a significant milestone in his WWE career as he competed at a live event in Saudi Arabia for the first time. This momentous occasion was not only unforgettable for Zayn himself but also for his friends and family who were in attendance to witness this remarkable feat.



At Night of Champions, Zayn, alongside his tag team partner Kevin Owens, put their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship on the line. This event held even more significance for Owens, as it marked his return to competing at a premium live show in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2018.

As Zayn made his way to the ring, the crowd erupted in an overwhelming display of support, greeting him with a deafening roar. The popular babyface’s entrance was nothing short of spectacular, heightened by the fact that he looked magnificent in his traditional thobe, a traditional Saudi Arabian garment. The sight of Zayn in the thobe elicited an even greater response from the audience, further enhancing the electric atmosphere.

In an endearing gesture, Zayn took the opportunity to connect with the crowd on a deeper level. He introduced himself and Kevin Owens in Arabic, which sent the already excited audience into a frenzy of excitement and appreciation. The impact of Zayn’s incredible entrance even transcended the match itself, as it managed to break the character of none other than Roman Reigns, who couldn’t help but smile while standing in the corner of the ring, witnessing this extraordinary moment.

Zayn’s wife, Khadeeja, took to social media to share her overwhelming emotions and pride as she watched her husband’s historic entrance at Night of Champions. She posted a video on Instagram, capturing the moment and sharing it with their son. In the video, Khadeeja’s joy and pride were palpable as she witnessed her husband at the top of his game, donning the thobe and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the crowd.

Expressing her admiration and love, Khadeeja wrote in her post, “WOW! Sami Zayn wearing a thobe for his entrance in Saudi Arabia is everything! We are SO PROUD of you❤️.” Her heartfelt message resonated with fans and followers, who joined in celebrating this milestone achievement for Sami Zayn.



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