Roman Reigns comments on the changes behind his in-ring attire over the years

Roman Reigns is not the wrestler one would generally associate with evolution in ring gear over the years. Ever since donning the vest from his days in the Shield, the “Big Dog” has not introduced distinct changes in his gear.



However, the former champion was quite contrary to the opinion as he stated that he’s probably switched gears more than anyone else in the roster. Reigns also went on to reveal the changes in the gear over the years in an interview with The Sporting News. Reigns said:

“Over the years, if you looked at all the vests that I’ve had created with the different color schemes and different looks, I’ve probably had more gear than anybody on our roster. At this point, I’ve had at least 50 vests made, all the way to different logos to what I wear now.”

The No.1 contender for the Universal Championship also claimed that ring gear hardly plays any role since it is the performance that matters. Reigns added:

” I don’t want to sound bad but at the same time, is it really about the gear? It ain’t about how the brother looks or how the girl looks. There is some aesthetics to this but ain’t it about the performance? Is it my gear that’s making people emote? I don’t think so.”

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