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Roman Reigns comments on story claiming he told a little girl to ‘get lost’

Being a top WWE Star means much more than just being an elite in ring performer as all the eyes are on you wherever you go and whatever you do.

And if that’s not enough, you are always surrounded by fans wanting to get your attention and some of them can end up turning into a hater after just one careless incident.

Something similar happened to Roman Reigns recently when a story started making rounds on Social media with a person claiming that Roman told his 10-year-old daughter to ‘get lost’ while she came asking for a picture with the Big Dog.

After the story became viral, the former World Champion was forced to release a statement and clearing the air on the situation on Twitter, Reigns said that he was approached by a grown man while he was enjoying some time with his family:

Now it would be interesting to see if the story ends here or it erupts as a bigger controversy after the comments from the former World Champion.