Roman Reigns comments on the fans turning their back on Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns has been one of the most polarising figures in the company’s history and it seems as if Seth Rollins is edging closer. The Universal Champion has been receiving several mixed responses which has even prompted WWE to edit his segments.



The Big Dog was on the recent episode of After The Bell podcast where he revealed the reason why some wrestlers attain such responses. He said:

“We’ve talked very briefly but just the way with our travel, it’s really separated us. We’re both out to conquer but we have to hold it down for our respective sides. With Seth, he knows what to do. He knows what to do in the ring and how to carry himself. It’s just a matter of riding it out,” stated Reigns.

“This is a situation where sometimes it’s, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ You just have to go out the next night and kill it and continue to kill it. That’s all that matters – just bust your ass and work hard. The cream always rises to the top and that’s something Cena told me a long time ago. Don’t go out there and stink it up. Have a good match and at the end of the day our fans are passionate but they have respect for what we do…

“Seth is a pro wrestling guy and he’s never going to go anywhere. He’s always had the dream of WWE and a little bit of a roller coaster isn’t gonna scare him away.”

Reigns added that any response is good and claimed that he looks forward to delivering for the company that has done so much for him. He stated:

“If there’s a way to help out younger talent or bring anybody up, we should always be doing that. Just being able to create new Superstars and push this product even further and show different sides what we do within our genre of entertainment. And continue to blow things up with FOX – that’s where I’m at nowadays. Just help out wherever I can.”

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