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Roman Reigns explains what kind of leukemia he had & treatment

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns revealed on WWE Chronicle that he has CML which is chronic myelogenous leukemia. While this is one of the less dangerous forms of leukemia, Reigns considers himself lucky that it was detected early on.

Reigns said that he started to feel tired all of a sudden and when his blood report came back, it showed elevated white blood cells. WWE’s doctors including Dr. Chris Amann knew what type of disease it was, knowing Reigns’ history with leukemia.

CML usually occurs in adult males and while it is an incurable disease, it is easily treatable. Reigns explained the treatment he received.

He said they make a pill which is oral chemotherapy, which isn’t anywhere near actual chemotherapy. There are also side effects, but the process allowed Roman to maintain his life better.

Reigns said that oral chemotherapy is a huge breakthrough and “a win and that the main side effect was arthritis, which Roman would take any day instead of having to go through radiation on a daily basis.

Roman said he mostly spent time inactive and at home for the first two months after his leukemia announcement but then started working out soon after. It happened sooner than he thought since he doubted he would be able to return at all.

Thankfully Roman’s leukemia is in remission and he is back full-time as a superstar.

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