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Roman Reigns fined $5000 by WWE

Roman Reigns Shoves official during Raw

  • Arnold Jackson

    Now he is creating alts to praise himself in other posts. He is too immature for all this. Surprised it has all come down to an entire site vs one reporter.

  • CC

    What gets me is that when you say anything negative about his articles, he insults you and then claims it is not an insult.

  • Kristopher Robinson


  • HBK


  • Khosrow

    The only thing that was stupid was your response. The guy was making good points.

  • Sparti Love

    Anutosh Bajpai, very immature response. If the commenter bothered you so much than just ignore him.

  • Arnold Jackson

    For the record, my response to the author’s misinformation and misguided remarks were censored by him and taken down as soon as I posted them. Thankfully CC brought up the same points I was trying to make. Guess there is no freedom of speech or room for the truth in Anutosh Bajpai’s posts. #FireAnutoshBajpai

  • CC

    He is right, you are wrong. What the hell does the wellness policy have to do with storyline? It is breaking a very real company rule that could lose you your job.
    With the DB firing, that was because he went too far under PG rules.

    This is storyline, and not real.

    So basically you use two real life infringements to justify a fake storyline one? You are mental.
    STOP MAKING stupid news stories to justify being on this site because you are not capable of expressing your frustrations in the real world.

  • ROB-1.

    Maybe the WWE will have Reigns wrestle the Ref that he shoved. 2 minute match.

  • joe public

    Arnold isn’t wrong.

  • Anutosh Bajpai

    Daniel Bryan was fired from WWE following Nexus’s main roster debut because he strangled a ring announcers. Roman Reigns was suspended for 30 days for using banned substance. Being a scripted league doesn’t mean they don’t have rules. STOP MAKING stupid arguments just because you are not capable of expressing your frustrations in the real world…

  • Arnold Jackson

    So we are to believe Reigns is “fined” for pretend pushing a “ref” during a fake “fight”? Non news #FireAnutoshBajpai Stop writing stuff just to reach a post quota. It makes the site look amateurish.