Roman Reigns Gets New Bloodline Member After Jail?

The Bloodline likely to add more members. The stable led by the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns could see another addition. Umaga’s youngest son became the latest name to join the business. The official Twitter handle of Reality of Wrestling, Zilla Fatu has begun training to become a professional wrestler.



Roman Reigns could eventually add Zilla Fatu

While there aren’t many details available online regarding Zilla Fatu, the 22-year-old was recently released from prison, where he spent six years in incarceration.

Zilla Fatu is following in his late great-father’s footsteps as Umaga, too, was briefly involved with Reality of Wrestling. Fatu is clearly in safe hands as Booker T’s wrestling school has groomed some of the finest young talents of the current generation.

Here’s what was officially announced regarding Zilla Fatu joining ROW’s training program:

“Welcome the newest member of Reality Of Wrestling training school Zilla Fatu. His father Umaga was a part of Reality Of Wrestling and now he begins his own journey.”

He’s been documenting his experiences in jail on his YouTube channel in recent months. As revealed by the Anoaʻi family member, he was charged with aggravated robbery at the age of 15 and ended up locked up in a Texas prison for six years until his release in 2022.

Umaga’s son has had multiple run-ins with the law growing up. However, he is finally ready to begin a fresh chapter in wrestling, where his Samoan cousins continue to dominate the proceedings. As far as The Bloodline goes, it seems the stable is only going to get bigger and better.

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