Roman Reigns Got Fired WWE Stars In Trouble?

Akam and Rezar(together known as The Authors of Pain) previously had a stint with WWE until they received their releases from WWE in September 2020. AOP member Rezar recently stated that he believes his backstage heat in WWE sparked from the time he sat with former WWE star Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley) and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on a tour bus.



Rezar revels the incident involving Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley

Rezar recently revealed that Baron Corbin referred to him as “young boy” while telling him to carry a crate of beers for his fellow stars. The derogatory comment resulted in Corbin apologizing to the former Tag Team Champion during a confrontation at a hotel bar.

Speaking on The Wrassingh Show, Rezar recalled how AOP’s friendly approach may have inadvertently caused them to receive heat:

“I guess he [Corbin] felt bothered that we were sitting at the back and everybody had fun with us. Everybody was very friendly with us because we were very friendly to them. They couldn’t believe how friendly we were. We were sitting down with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, right? Such good-hearted guys, and I guess people felt bothered by it.”

Rezar believes that the locker room’s attitude toward AOP changed after they won the RAW Tag Team Championship in November 2018. The title victory came seven months after they joined the main roster, which apparently caused some upset among their fellow stars. He spoke about the incident with Baron Corbin and Rezar added that they eventually mended things and became friends:

“I guess he felt a little bit stepped on his toes, but he accepted it. He can’t do anything about it, right? Eventually we squared it off, we became good friends. But it just shows you, you have that in every sport, if you’re a new guy and you get to the top right away, there’s some kind of… not jealousy, but I don’t know what to call it.”

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