Roman Reigns ‘Humiliates’ CM Punk After AEW Show

WWE and AEW will always be going back and forth for the top spot on who reigns supreme in the world of pro wrestling. While many would agree that AEW is currently delivering the more sought after show, the ratings between the two are speaking for themselves and it seems that Roman Reigns and Smackdown are still topping AEW and CM Punk, according to The Disco Inferno in a tweet seen below, saying it’s ‘still Roman’s yard’ after CM Punk’s AEW Rampage appearance tanked in the ratings. Vince McMahon ‘Furious’ With Huge AEW Match.



The ratings were stated to be as followed as AEW is still paling in comparison to WWE’s top show, Smackdown: “WWE Smackdown on Friday on Fox: 2,220,000 18-49: 805,000 (0.62 rating) / AEW Rampage on TNT: 696,000 18-49: 397,000 (0.31) / Countdown to All Out Special: 361,000 18-49: 230,000 (0.18).”

One fan stated the following about these stats: “Only 2 million viewers ? Those are Vince Russo TNA numbers bro.” The fan is of course pertaining to the 2,000,000 Smackdown viewers and is comparing that to an earlier version of TNA when Vince Russo was part of the program.

Either way you cut it, the stats are clear – even though WWE is leading the pack with ratings, the ratings of WWE have continued to fall for a while now and we will probably continue to see a downward trend for the company. AEW is still relatively new. You can’t expect them to beat WWE in just a little over two years since conception.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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