Roman Reigns Losing To Big Name At WrestleMania 38?

Will Roman Reigns fall to this former WWE Intercontinental Champion? Big E was bringing the power of positivity as only he can during the most recent edition of WWE Talking Smack – the popular WWE Smackdown post show. During the program, he gave host Kayla Braxton an optimistic look into his future as Big E proclaimed that he has every intention of capturing the WWE Intercontinental title for the second time. Did this Roman Reigns ‘finish’ for WrestleMania Backlash just leak?



“I’m gonna get back on track and once I do that, once I reclaim my momentum, once I become Intercontinental Champion again, I’ll beat the first challenger,” Big E said. “Then I’ll beat the second challenger and then the third challenger and that momentum starts get going again and your boy is back on SummerSlam, your boy is in pay-per-views doing his thing. Defense after defense after defense.

However, the former New Day member has his sights set on something much grander than the Intercontinental as Big E also stated his desires to conquer Roman Reigns and become a double champion in WWE, by winning Reigns’ Universal Championship – preferably at next year’s WrestleMania which will be held in Dallas, Texas.

These Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch bombshells were recently leaked as well.  “Once I get my Intercontinental Championship and I’m six months, eight months, nine months in, I will get to 2022 at WrestleMania,” Big E continued. “I will walk into WrestleMania and Paul, the plan is still to face your boy Roman Reigns, hopefully he still has the Universal Championship. I will walk into WrestleMania and I will leave as double champion.

Big E would conclude by saying: “That’s still the plan. To walk into WrestleMania 2022. See I’m thinking long term. I’m not worried about the short term,” Big E added. “In the short term, we have some troubles right now. In the short term, I have some things to overcome, but long-term, I will reclaim what is mine. I will be the champion you will be proud of. The champion that you deserve. I will step into WrestleMania and I will say ‘Roman Reigns, I want what you got’, and I’m walking out as double champion.”

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